Behind the Scenes of a Bali Photoshoot

March 17, 2015

A lot goes into a typical photoshoot here in Bali. For the most part I like to take my own accessories from the house to style a space. When a space needs flowers we order from our favorite florist, Bloomz, we just send them some concept photos with size and quantity requirements and they always understand our vision. I also like to use fruit as props, here in Bali the bright tropical fruit can really add to a space and the markets are fun and colorful excursions! The weather also plays a big role, right now we are in the rainy season so lighting can be an issue for a shoot. We rely on the photographer for the technical aspects but, since we are the ones who created the space we’re very involved in directing and are always hands-on during our shoots. 
Photoshoots are a lot of work, they can be long and exhausting and the heat here in Bali only adds to the challenge, but they are a creative collaboration with the photographer and allow us to enjoy and share the final product of our projects and we love that!
The Sisters