Our Latest Creation: Villa Aloha

May 21, 2015

Villa Aloha came at the perfect time for us. We were both manifesting another bohemian inspired project to come to us and shortly after…Villa Aloha arrived! The client is a single, young and successful woman from the States jumping back and forth and looking for a fun, colorful and light-filled space to call home while in Bali. This project was a complete renovation. The house was old and starting to fall apart, the materials previously used were outdated and not ideal, the entire home needed a facelift. We dove in with the intent to maximize results with minimal cost. It’s amazing what paint can do. Our immediate response was “Let’s paint it white”! We needed a fresh canvas to work with.

From there we added the turquoise accent as the client wanted the house to feel beachy. It was a great color palette to work with, easy to throw in pops of color with the textiles and carpets.

The pool cabana was created from scratch to provide an additional lounging area with adequate shade. Bali can be hot! In the kitchen and Dining area we kept the foundation but designed a new roof and new kitchen cement tiles and custom teak waterfall bar.

The client was very interested in procuring authentic Indonesian and Balinese antiques, which made the sourcing experience fun. Most of the pieces in the house are old and of great quality. We did have a lot custom made but we also used old beautiful recycled teak wood and called upon our trusted local carpenters.

The house has a very laid back vibe with gorgeous rice paddy views. It’s set up well for entertaining, with a beautiful open living room, spacious open aired kitchen and dining area as well as a pool cabana that is designed for lounging or festive dinner parties. This was a fun project, which is the most important thing! Who wants to hop on a plane and fly to Bali now?

The Sisters

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kristen! Can you believe that the pineapples were hand painted and not wallpaper?! Pretty amazing huh? Thanks for the Love, Love The Sisters

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