Cactus Love

May 27, 2015

These prickly little plants have been warming our hearts lately. We love the desert vibe they give and how low maintenance they are. Let’s face it, not all of us have the green thumb our mother’s may have had, right? No more fretting, these plants are absolutely beautiful and require very little love.  
Head on over to the nearest nursery, and of course, keep it local! There is nothing wrong with the chain stores down the street but supporting your small local nursery, to us, is a no brainer! The insight and customer service your local nursery owner will have is unparalleled so utilize that resource while supporting your community.    
The beauty of the potted cactus is that the options are endless. You could go big and tall or small and short. No discrimination over here but our personal favorites are the ones that bloom! How fun is that pop of bright pink on top of a green spiky thing? The juxtaposition of this is so stunning. Use them indoors or outdoors, as center pieces or on your nightstand. They can also make smart hostess gifts. Who doesn’t love to add to their plant collection?
We’re happy to be seeing these guys everywhere. Get out there and pick one up!
The Sisters