Our Latest Creation: Johnson Bath

June 8, 2015

We cannot begin to tell you how much fun we had with this client and project. April and Todd Johnson reached out to us in major need of a bathroom makeover. April’s first attempt to add some boldness to this guest bathroom, which also functions as the only downstairs bathroom, was quite the disappointment. She was going for a jewel-toned green to make the existing white shower and white countertops pop. Instead, she ended up with a very saturated and primary lime green color. See the before photos here
When we first walked into the home of the Johnson’s we were blown away by their existing art collection and antiques that were handed down by April’s parents. We quickly picked up on their style and appreciation for the fine details and old world vibe. April had already executed the blend of old and new with her antiques collection mixed with the modern touches of today. A perfect combination for this young family with the two cutest toddler boys, who often ran quickly past us at every meeting!
After some quick programming we went to work. We immediately knew we wanted to switch out the polished nickle for polished brass and that wallpapering all four walls would give April that bold punch she was originally looking for. Ripping out all of the shower tile was too much of an added cost for a shower that was never going to be used. Instead, we kept the wall tile and only replaced the shower floor tile with a pebbled stone to give it that ethnic vacation feel. Beacuse the shower was never used we turned it into one large terraium with low maintenance, shade loving plants. 
Her only request was to remove the built in vanity all together and install a free standing one. We found this fabulously perfect vanity at one of our favorite sources; Rejuvanation which offers old world, schoolhouse, revival products. With the marble countertops and antiqued mirror I think we nailed this look. Topping it off with a few antique books and knick knacks, April and Todd were beyond thrilled and so are we.

An escape to another world every time you use the bathroom! What do you think of this space? 

The Sisters

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