Latest Creation: A Dreamy Master Bedroom

July 17, 2015

We would like to introduce you to the Molocznik family! A family we have been working with since 2013. They are the dreamiest client as they are not only the sweetest couple, but they have a lot of fun projects up their sleeves that keep us busy! We have converted a guest bedroom into a playroom completely equipped with a custom built-in fort, and vintage fairies to interact with. We have designed a beautiful and bright kitchen, family room and dining room for the family as well! We recently finished the master bedroom which will make you want to crawl up with a book and quickly fall asleep. Since we specialize in transformations they needed a complete makeover. You can see the before and after’s here. As you can see the green walls were an eye sore and the furniture was outdated.

When we asked what their vision was they said they wanted a brighter room, with a serene and peaceful feeling. They were also lacking a place to curl up and read books with their two small girls (and soon to be baby boy). Storage was also an issue as their existing master closet was not big enough for the two of them. How many of us have this problem? We know we do!
It was obvious to us to paint the walls a softer, taupe grey and add the timeless wainscoting, which you can never go wrong with! When selecting furniture, again we wanted a classic and timeless look without being too pretentious. The Louie XVI collection from Restoration Hardware was an easy sell. We topped off the bedding with a collection of pillows from one of our favorite textile designers, John Robshaw. The pillows were a struggle as they often end up on the floor, so we suggested a end of bed trunk to house them when the bed isn’t made. We sourced this unique, one of a kind trunk imported from Bali to add a bit of juxtaposition to the room. If you ask us, it works perfectly!

In the far corner we provided them with an extremely large and comfy chair that would accommodate two small bodies and a parent to cuddle and read. We chose the deep indigo blue as the pop of color and we made this work with the client’s love of grey and the John Robshaw decorative pillows.
We grounded the room with a large shag rug which tied everything together!

At the end of the day the client was beyond thrilled with the turn out. A night and day difference from where they were before and now they have a serene and peaceful place in the home to escape and relax.

The Sisters