The Banana Leaf Trend

July 27, 2015

We always love bringing nature into the home. Whether it’s the real thing or the idea of it, it always adds flare to a space. Right now we’re loving the tried and true Banana Leaf. 
You can throw it on the wall with some fabulous wall paper, upholster a chair or a sofa, wrap it around a lamp shade, weave it onto a pillow, or you can even throw it on the table and dine with it!
The shade of green in a banana leaf, to us, is the true color green. Its shape is tailored yet dynamic. When you see it, it reminds you of tropical bliss. Those times when you were down at the beach, with friends, away from any and all responsibilities. Why wouldn’t you want to be reminded of that on a daily basis by incorporating it into your home?
Used in it’s natural form is just as powerful. We love throwing banana leaves into a large glass jar. Or planting some in pots to flank a doorway. 
The good news is this shape and color goes with so much it’s hard to get it wrong. So, just go for it and have fun!

The Sisters