Color Trend : Emerald Green

March 17, 2016


With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, we are seeing green!  Green has really started to be a top contender for accessorizing with color around the home.  Whether it’s with plants, pillows, or pieces of furniture, the color green is always sure to be a beautiful and bold statement piece.  Jewel tones have been hot for the last few years and we are so stoked that this trend isn’t going anywhere.  It’s been fun to see how this color is starting to make its way into bathrooms and kitchens, and looks especially fab with metallic accents.

Here’s a bit of emerald green love + inspiration for you:

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How do you incorporate this saturated color into your home?

Love, The Sisters

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  1. mag

    I loved viewing your Paris trip! I have never been there and def need to go! I know behind all the pics that the three of you were just so happy to be together! that’s a trip in itself : ) Love you guys!

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