A Day with Actress & Singer Daniella Monet

March 22, 2016

DaniellaMonetSWENYO-49We were thrilled when the team over at Swenyo  asked us to help style the television’s star Daniella Monet’s bedroom and office in her newly purchased LA home.  This was a marketing collaboration between Danielle and Swenyo, and they both knew they would want and need the touch of a professional designer to help assist with the over all look and vibe.

We were honored when they reach out to us.  It was a no brainer.  A day spent with a down to earth talent with incredible taste, a production team such as Swenyo, and the talented photographer Kim Marcelo is a day well spent to us!

We blended the furnishings that Swenyo provided along with a few other accessories we sourced to created a minimal, fresh and youthful bedroom + office for the actress.

Take a look!!


DaniellaMonetSWENYO-24 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-26


DaniellaMonetSWENYO-16 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-18 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-37 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-81 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-40 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-41 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-42


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This collab was too much fun and we hope you enjoyed the before and after transformation!!

To see the actress herself express the love of her new space and see how the boyfriend reacted when he came home, watch this!

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