Spaces We’re Loving : Jody Olivier of INDIEbugalow

May 2, 2016


We have been stalking Jody Olivier of Indie Bungalow on instagram for awhile now.  It was the small glimpses of her home that we would see scrolling through her feed that got us real curious about her dwellings.  She is the owner of the etsy shop that allows you to escape to places like Africa and Asia through her hand selected textile collection, that she so lovingly turns into pillows and throws. ( Hand sewn by herself folks!!!)  Her pieces have us drooling over her daily post and home decor.

Now, we are beyond thrilled to step into her home with you.  Again, it was the sneak peeks of rich colors and textured textiles that wanted us to see more.  She has mastered the layered look and a well lived, well traveled feel.  She blends this look with a minimal/modern vibe, which is everything us Sisters love.

Take a look folks, and be ready to be amazed!


After spending the day with Jody we discovered that she was raised in Hawaii and has been living in San Diego for many years now.  She told us upon entering her house, that she was sold on buying the house after seeing the 15ft. copper front door.  She didn’t even have to go any farther.  She knew.  We don’t blame her.  The previous house had walls blocking outside views and a overgrown garden and landscape.  After removing a wall that looks out to the back yard and adding a infinity pool, where the once overgrown garden existed she discovered her own tropical oasis in the heart of Carlsbad.


This house is a mid century design which was previously owned by Harry James and Betty Grable.  It was a popular hangout for the Rat Pack and was later occupied by the fabulous Dustin Hoffman.  This gives you an idea of the type of space it is, and the type of parties that must have gone on here!  A party house it may be, but we must admit, Jody has created a calm and relaxing vibe.  She is a no fuss, no bull Sh*t kind of gal.  What we love about this down to earth gal is that she is blending the high end look with here Biggie and Tu-Pac dish towels.  I mean, come on folks…This is a girl after our own hearts.


Along with all the layers of juiciness we discovered that a handful of the artwork in the house was done by herself!  She is a fan of Native American art and her medium is resin!  So cool, folks!  We are in heaven at this house.  A true gem, and we were honored that she let us in and allowed us to share with all of you…

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You can follow Jody on her popular instaram and shop her goods here.

Love, The Sisters

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