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Featured Artist : Holly Young

June 22, 2016

_DSC7602We’ve been stalking the talented artist, Holly Young on Instagram for some time now.  She’s a gal after our own hearts, with her abstract paintings full of colors and movement.  We’re trying to figure out how to get one of her beauties on our own walls.  If anything, we’d take just spending the day with her, thrifting, exploring architecture or chatting about mid-century design.  All things that make this women’s heart tick.  Just a few more reasons to love her.

Her artwork speaks to us, and we had to share with you.  We can’t quite figure out if it’s her color choices or the texture that’s grabbing us.  Take a look and maybe you can help us decide.

_DSC6905 _DSC7618 _DSC7866We asked Holly to share with us a little bit about herself, and here’s what she had to say:

My name is Holly, and I am an abstract artist living in Ontario Canada. My days are filled with
painting in my home studio, looking for deals at consignment shops and raising two daughters
age 4 and 6. I love mid century design, architecture and thrifting.
I was drawing and creating art since I can remember. My parents encouraged me to pursue my
hobbies and one of the main ones was dancing. I was lucky as this allowed me to travel a lot in
North America as a teenager, and I also began instructing as well.  My days were filled with
decorating and styling my bookshelves with my favorite collectibles. My bedroom was tiny with
a twin bed, not too much re-arranging could take place…but I tried. I would sit with my cousin
for hours and draw various renderings of my dream home, those are my memories from
childhood. I won the art award when I graduated high school, that really made me believe I had
some talent and should go forward with art.


I graduated University with a BFA in Fine Art and then decided to go to College and study
Interior Decorating.  I worked in several retail design shops throughout the years and only
recently decided to make art a full time career. I’ve always wanted to share my paintings and
last summer I finally got around to making a website and online shop. My husband is one of my
biggest supporters, and without his help it would not have happened so quickly. Since that time
I have also been writing a weekly blog to share my works in progress, inspirations, and love of
interior spaces. For the past two years I have also enjoyed being a painting instructor for a local
company in town. I usually teach in the evening which allows me to paint during the day while
my girls are in school. I find that I have the most energy first thing in the morning.
I work with acrylic, latex and spray paint. They are not always combined, it depends what I feel
like doing. My creative process in the studio is often unplanned, it’s a moment by moment
evolving process. I mix a palette and the subject matter evolves. I just completed a large body of
work for my first solo exhibit. Setting goals for myself and following through with them has
been quite rewarding. In February our home was photographed for a house tour on Apartment
Therapy,  one of my daily go to websites. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with several
artists and designers I’ve met through social media, I’m excited to see where my art takes me
My work is full of movement, pattern, texture and color. I am influenced by moments in my
daily life, a cloud in the sky, chipped paint on a building, a song playing in the background. My
paintings are my interpretation of these experiences. I make art that speaks to me, I can only
hope that it connects with others as well.

_DSC6370 _DSC7808DSC_3246 static1.squarespace.comWe had a few exchanges with Holly  online and she has melted our hearts with her kindness and amazing sense of style.  This is someone to keep your eye on, folks.  She is not only creating amazing works of art, but we also see a house tour in the future!

You can see more of Holly’s artwork, here and here.  If it’s daily inspiration you are looking for then we suggest you add her to your Instagram feed.  Thank you Holly, your work is amazing!

Love, The Sisters


Summer Travel : Our Top 6 AirBnB’s Around the World

June 16, 2016

Summer is here friends, and the travel bug has got us looking for our next inspiration trip.  Where are you headed this summer?  In need of a place to stay?  In our own research we have stumbled across some fabulous AirBnB’s and whether it’s the beach calling you, the mountains or the city.  We got you covered.

Take a look and book, folks.  Happy Summer everyone!!!

Rotterdam, Netherlands.   The Cube House  |  Check out the amazing architecture of this home.  If your lucky enough to book this place, we promise you will be inspired by the angled walls and clean interiors.  Close to the markets and yes, Amsterdam.  Sounds perfect to us, right?

2957_fullimage_rotterdam kubus woningen_560x350


Carlsbad, California.   The Beach Bungalow Good Vibes  |  This is our home town!!!  We are in love with this beach front bungalow.  And yes, you guessed it,  good vibes + hip and modern interiors.  Comes say hi to the sisters and book this cute bungalow!



Isla Mujeres, Mexico.   The Seashell House  |   This gated house with private pool, will allow you to relax all summer long.  Let us warn you, you must appreciate the seashell.  This house inside and out resembles one big shell.  Maybe we’ll take up selling seashells, by the seashore.



Oxnard, California. The Beach Lodge at Hollywood Beach  |  By far our best interior design award goes to, this lil A-frame vacation rental.  If you never leave the house, that’s OK!

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset


Palma de Mallorca, SpainThe Container Home  |  Who isn’t a fan of a creative space?  If big isn’t your thing and Spain is, then this little hidden gem is the place to stay.  Full of light and close to the historic downtown of Palma. This space exudes, simple, modern, and city living.

Balbina and Miquel Angel - Palma, Majorca, Spain - Holiday Container Home (3)


Cape Town, South Africa.  Cozy Inner City Loft  | This loft is located in the oldest part of town and only minutes from the beach.  The funky vibes and gracious host, will have you coming back the following year, for sure!


Now, go and travel, our little Wanderlust-ers  (is that a word?)  The world is calling.

Love, The Sisters

Spaces We’re Loving : Laura Browning the Artist

June 13, 2016

OK folks, so our hearts fell out when we stumbled across this mid century modern home nestled in the Bay Area, and knew immediately we had to share it with you.  This is the beautiful home of the amazing artist, Laura Browning.  We discovered Laura and her art after we were stalking another artist by the name of Holly Young.  (Don’t worry, you will learn more about Holly later this month!)  After chatting with Holly via social media, she shared with us the home of her gal pal, Laura … knowing us mid century loving sisters would fall over and die.  Twice.  And we did.  Twice.

Turns out Laura and her husband  (and the most adorable little boy) took their time finding this home and knew from the very beginning they wanted an Eichler home.  Yup, that’s right.  This home was built by Joseph Eichler in 1963.  Eichler was one of the nation’s most influential builders of modern homes during the mid 50’s through mid 60’s.  His homes are known for post-and-beam construction, floor to ceiling windows, and the atrium’s in the center of the home.  A dream come true, if you ask us.

Take a look for yourself folks. the cutest lil boy, ever!)

static2.squarespace.comstatic3.squarespace.comstatic4.squarespace.comstatic5.squarespace.comAre you dying to get inside?  We know you are.  And before we do so, let us tell you that Laura re-finished all the floors by herself!  When they bought the home it was a patchwork of carpet, linoleum and VCT tiles.  Took her about 30 straight days of demo-ing, sanding, smoothing and a lot of patience.  That’s dedication, right there!  She also re-finished all the original wood paneling in the house.  This sounds like a labor of love to us.

Welcome inside.

static7.squarespace.comstatic8.squarespace.comstatic9.squarespace.comstatic11.squarespace.comstatic12.squarespace.comstatic13.squarespace.comstatic15.squarespace.comThe decor of this home stands true to the architecture and design of the 50’s and 60’s.  Laura and her family travel quite a bit and collect special items that speak to them and have placed them throughout the home.  They are also fans of doing house swaps with people from all over the world who also own mid century modern home.  Sounds dreamy!

static16.squarespace.comstatic17.squarespace.comstatic18.squarespace.comHer home studio is where she draws a lot of inspiration for her amazing work.  Her artwork is a true reflection of her home and personal style.  We love that her pieces are simple, but complex when it comes to light and texture.  We’re saving our pennies to buy ones of these beauties!

static19.squarespace.comstatic20.squarespace.comstatic21.squarespace.comstatic22.squarespace.comstatic23.squarespace.comstatic24.squarespace.comWhat an amazing home to sleep in and wake up to everyday.  This family is a blessed family and we are thrilled that they allowed us to step into their home and share it with you.

We hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we did…And of course, after this, it’s going to be hard not to start researching Eichler homes for your next purchase!

Love, The Sisters

Summer Time Table Settings | Inspiration

June 3, 2016

With summer time fast approaching and if your anything like us sisters, we like to entertain! If you do too, than you will be needing some major inspiration for your upcoming dinner parties.  Don’t worry, we got you covered.  And not only do we have some fun inspiration shots for you, we are here to tell you, you do not need to break the bank in doing so.

We styled 3 fabulous summer inspired table settings all with items we already had in the house or backyard.  We didn’t spend a dime.  OK, now realistically you may need to step out and pick up a few items, but we suggest hitting up your local Home Goods for some deals and steals. Spend your time with your guest and not worrying about spending money!

Garden Party:

Flowers from our backyard, crystals from our obsessive collection, and table cloth is actually a throw!

photo_3photo_4photo_6Down To Earth Party

Flowers and rocks from the backyard, wood bowls borrowed from our girlfriend and the place mat is actually a un-folded napkin.

photo_3aphoto_1photo_2Mix Match Pattern Party

A mix match of collected plates, place mat is a scrap of fabric from pillows we had made awhile back, and crystals from our own collection.

photo_1b photo_6bphoto_4b

Hope this inspires you to look around your house and get to partying!  Happy Almost Summer!

Love, The Sisters

Currently Pinning : 006

June 1, 2016

pin6fSummer is here ladies and gentlemen (OK, just you ladies, who are we kidding?)…At least for us SO CAL folks!  However, the Bali Sister (Elaina) seems to always be in summer mode.  This Currently Pinning Post is clearly inspired by the summer.  It’s very evident that we are attracted to the soft sunset and beach hues that happen once spring starts to transition into summer.  Like the soft blush tones and different shades of blues/greens.  And this cactus in a brown paper bag!  Perfect for the backyard party.  This blush and gold office scene at the bottom, makes us want to get back to work…and that’s never the case.  How about these leather sandals?  Perfect for a Mexico getaway.  Or a a quick getaway to the grocery store.  Either way, we’ll be in style!  AND don’t even get us started on this wood inlay.  Eeek!  A pink mid century modern lamp for your home is the best idea EVER!  Ha, and we’re loving this bedroom scene.  Such a trendy lil spot!  Last but not least…Is there anything cuter than two small boys in a copper patina-ed soaking tub, surrounded by wall pants?  No, we don’t think so!

Love, The Sisters