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February 10, 2016


We are huge fans of decorating with lush, green plants inside! They instantly add dimension and life to your space, making them a great choice for a quick update. House plants tend to be low maintenance, so don’t worry if your thumb isn’t that green. Not only do plants add color to a neutral palette, but they also act as air purifiers– a total win. Below you will find our top five plants that we use in and around our own homes!


Succulents + Cacti //


Succulents are great for all lighting environments and actually appreciate the neglect we tend to give… which is great if you want to start incorporating green into your home but not sure if you can keep your new plant babies alive!

Snake Plant //


Snake Plants, or Mother in Law Tongues, have a modern vibe and also do extremely well with loving neglect! These plants can adapt to most light and are really fun to watch grow. They look great in just about any room, especially when put in a bullet planter like you see above.

Fiddle Leaf Fig //


Fiddle Leafs are the most popular indoor plant right now… they are everywhere!. They are just so stunning, but with that comes high maintenance. Fiddles need a lot of bright, indirect light and love (aka don’t neglect like our other choices. Make your Fiddle your Number 1!).

Rubber Tree //


We love the smoother, dark leaves on these little guys. They are called Rubber Trees but when kept trimmed down they stay as cute little bushes. They do best in indirect light with occasional watering.

Hang It Up //


Hanging your favorite plants give a greenhouse vibe inside your home. We love grouping together different color succulents! Just make sure there are drainage holes on the bottom of your planters so that the soil doesn’t get too soaked and cause root rot.

Our favorite places to find plants is our local nursery, trader joe’s, and IKEA! Home Depot and Lowe’s also has great plants and has seasonal plant sales! Get to shoppin’ and air purifyin’!

The Sisters

Travel Diaries: Buenos Aires

January 27, 2016

When a good friend and her husband were packing their bags for a four month gaunt around the world, I quickly became inspired and remembered the days when I too dropped everything and trekked the world for six month to go “find myself.” What has happened now and what so easily happens to most of us, is we grow up, become entrepreneurs and travel solely for business, or “another” wedding. Finding the time to take care of myself and my own needs have become far and few.

I quickly decided to take the trip to meet my friends and spend a week in one of the most inspiring cities in the world!

This trip was for me, and me only. I had no expectations, no research, or follow up to do. If I stumbled across a fabulous textile supplier or one of the largest weekend markets in the world, then so be it! I would explore and inquire for the pure joy of it, and not bargain for a client or source for a project. Just me, and the reason why I fell in love with travel and design to begin with.

Buenos Aires is an astonishing metropolis with a European flare, and an edgy Latin American vibe. It was love at first site for me. The culture, the design, the street life, it all blew me away. On top of that, the city had a glimpse of New York living within it’s streets and that was a sweet familiarity that comforted me in a beautiful way.

Welcome to Buenos Aires!

buenosaires (11 of 14)

The City Neighborhoods (My favorites!):

Palermo: This is the hipster, New York part of Buenos Aires. The streets are lined with “cool” clothing and vintage shops, along with cafe’s that will make you drool. In this trendsetting neighborhood, you will find the Zoo and many green-gated parks that are perfect for a bike ride or stroll. Because of the time of year (it was hot!), the shade from the trees is where it’s at! This is where we also visited the Eva Peron museum and discovered a little more background on the famous Argentinian. Madonna only covered a portion of this amazing women’s life in the well know blockbuster. Needless to say, I will be watching Evita on Netflix this week.

buenosaires (2 of 1) buenosaires (7 of 14)

San Telmo: This is the older part of town. The cobbled stone streets and crumbling buildings remind you of the fight that the Argentinians put up to defend themselves from the Spaniards and British, hence the street named “Defensa.” This is the main street in San Telmo and we were lucky enough to have our AirBnB located here. It’s also the neighborhood with all the antiques, and houses the most amazing street market I have ever experienced!


buenosaires (4 of 14) buenosaires (5 of 14) buenosaires (13 of 14)

La Boca: The most colorful town on earth! This is the place you see in all the travel books where each house is painted a different color; the streets are lined with row after row of stacked and crooked house all painted vibrant colors. We learned that since this is a port town, the fisherman and boat owners would use the left over paint from their boats to paint their homes. This is how the beautiful tradition came alive and is one of the most inspiring places to see in person.

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Recoleta: We didn’t spend much time here, but we did visit the famous cemetery. Again, a breath taking experience. Some of the tombstones in this sacred space are bigger than my condo and more elaborate than the Basilica in Roma. This is also where Eva Peron was finally buried along side her family. The rows and rows of towering tributes to people’s lives is both eerie and stunning.

buenosaires (12 of 14)buenosaires (2 of 1)-3

Must Do’s:

Recoleta Cemetery

San Telmo Sunday Market. The largest market I have ever experienced. (blows the Pasadena Rose bowl out of the water) and the most unbelievable antiques I have ever seen.

El Zanjon De Granados: A remarkable underground archaeological site made up of old tunnels, sewers, and cisterns. Must take the tour. I know it may sound a bit touristy, but a different view into how the town of San Telmo use to work.

buenosaires (2 of 1)-4

Where to Eat:

I Latina: Mind Blowing. The most memorable meal to date.

Cafe Felix: A closed door (in someone’s home) community style, exclusive meal.

El Cuartito Pizza: Best Pizza in town! The pizza is amazing in BA because of the heavy Italian influence. All I have to say is, Cheese and Onion. Two please!

Gran Parilla Del Plata: This is where you go to get your steak and malbec!

Bar Seddon: This is where you grab a drink with an old vibe and black and white checkered floors.

buenosaires (2 of 1)-5buenosaires (2 of 14) buenosaires (3 of 14)

Where to Shop:

Gabriel Del Campo: The most beautiful antique shop I have ever stepped foot in. I kept telling the owner, that his shop is what my heaven will look like.

PAUL French Gallery: One of the best merchandising and home collections I have encountered. Their designs inspired me, and had me wanting to head home to dive back into my designs!

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Our Amazing Air BnB:

 AND, my dear friends who inspired the trip, Joni and Connor!

buenosaires (15 of 14)

You can follow their amazing adventures as they continue to travel over at The Clippies. Also, for a daily glimpses of their inspiring travels follow them on instagram: @jonpon12

Love, Susanna

Currently : Pinning

January 11, 2016


Ever get sucked in to the Pinterest hole , unable to escape it?? We do! Here’s a round-up of a handful of things we found this week.

We are loving the blush and dusty blue trend that is happening– we think there is going to be a PLENTY of beautiful rose, blue, and green colors going around town this year and we aren’t mad about it. As always, loving brass accents. We’d take that powder bath in our home any day, and that cacti window garden too.

What are you pinning? Let us know your username  in the comments so we can follow you, or find us HERE.

The Sisters

Sea + Wander

December 2, 2015

seawander3 Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.15.43 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.15.29 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.35.08 PM cournteymaria (1 of 1)seawander

A unique and different approach to retail, where fashion meets social and helps support our community. With a flare of chic conscious living, Sea + Wander boutique offers a variety of products that meet the demand of our client’s life style. Every product is sourced with care and considered for it’s uniqueness.  We aim to partner up with companies that give back to their community.  It also features a kid area inspired by the both of the owner’s children, a space where they can explore and be creative, or enjoy reading while mom shops and socializes with other moms. They will be carrying all of our favorite brands for women, children, and your home! Elaina and I have been friends with the girls for years, and they are long time North County locals. The owners, Courtney and Maria,  have impeccable taste in all things fashion, decor and product so us sisters are beyond thrilled and excited that they have decided to team up.

They are currently looking for a permanent location to allow moms to shop while their kids are entertained. How cool is that?! They will offer kids classes, mom and baby classes, crafts, etc… All about the mom and the kid while still being fabulous! You can shop their pop up starting December 4th for the holiday and come next year, look out for these ladies and their permanent shop location!!

The Sea + Wander Pop-up Shop will be held at SAID Space Gallery located at 766 N. Coast Highway, Encinitas, CA 92024. Opening night is December 4th from 3-7pm. Click here to see their Instagram for more sneak peeks at the awesome brands they will be carrying!

Xoxo and happy shopping!

Fall Favorites

November 8, 2015

With the seasons changing, it’s easy to also want to change or add items in and around your life to accommodate the weather, or influx of parties the holidays bring! Elaina, in Bali, won’t be experiencing cooler temperatures but she will be experiencing a ton of rain. Tropic downpours are no joke. Susanna may get hit with El Nino in San Diego, but it’s a lot easier to make a cozy home than force cooler weather– And because it’s fun to do, we’ve compiled a few items that are on our wish-list. SistersFallFavs

Left to right, top to bottom: Elaina // My go to for that tropical look, Cha Cha Tint. Rain wellies to deal with the flooding that occurs here in Bali, Chooka. For our weekend beach adventures, The Beach People. Lusting after these fab beach umbrellas. Bali is it’s hottest during rainy season, Basil Bangs. Loving these playful dessert or picnic plates that can be used to add a bit of whimsical to your holidays and make eating more fun for the little ones, Anthropologie. Susanna // Gold Cutlery Set  perf for the holidays and all that eating, Shoppe by Amber Interiors. This is the best fall jacket! It will become a staple for the next few months.  (once it cools down!) The perfect blend of rocker chic and boho, Cleobella. My fave nail color of the season. Love the true oxblood that the Burberry has put out! Color #303, Nordstrom. My go to scent of the fall is the Baltic Amber candles by Voluspa. Takes me home every time, Voluspa. This chandelier, totally drool worthy! In love and think all dining tables this fall need to meet this handsome fella, Anthropologie.

The Sisters