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Featured Artist: TODD DICIURCIO

May 20, 2016

TODDimage2Photo By: Melissa Dilger

We first met TODD DICIURCIO when he and his wife were passing through Bali visiting mutual friends a few years back.  We met this charismatic couple and we were instantly drawn to them.  Not only were they dressed to the nines in some fabulous gear, but their personalities and love for each other was attracting to say the least, and that night ended up with one too many, at last call…Or so we were told 😉

We quickly learned that Todd was quite the artist and had made a name for himself in the NY art scene, as well as the music and fashion world.  This is when we began following his career and our love for his spontaneous and vibrant works of art came about.

It’s an honor for us sister to introduce you to such a talent as Todd.   Todd lives a fast paced life in New York City and is often seen on the red carpet at the fashion shows, music gatherings, gala’s and charity events.  He’s kind of a big deal folks…The coolest part about him and his art is that he is known for his “Live Performance” .  Where he synchronizes his art method or art technique while a live band plays…The collaboration between artist and musician become something else.  He has worked with bands such as: The Rolling Stones, The Killers, The English Beat, Broken Social Scene, Bon Jovi and The Kings of Leon…Just to name a few.

He has collaborated with fashion house such as Rag & Bone and The GAP, he has been selected as “Artist Residence” in hot spots like, The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas and had a kitty cat named RHYTHM THE CAT who left us a while back…but based on his love for the furry guy, you would think this cat still roams the earth. RIP Rhythm.  It’s shit like this folks, that makes this human a real down to earth, rad and talented mother fucker.  Excuse the language, but there really is no better way to explain this talented human.

We asked him a few personal questions…Take a read. Take a look.TODDimage1Photo By: Melissa Dilger
TODDimage4TODDimage5Photos By: John Robinson TODDimage10TODDimage11TODDimage8TODDimage12TODDimage13Sisters: Give us some insight into your childhood, upbringing and when you discovered your love of art.

TODD: Creating was always a way for me to show something that felt important.  I remember the effect of television as a kid- tracing right on the screen to Michael Jackson when he performed at The Grammys, football games, Sesame Street, Kung Fu movies, The Three Stooges, cartoons, car ads…just reacting. When MTV hit,  I was still doing this.  It was like connecting to the static of the world off the static from the tv.  Music became the fuel & I was the vehicle. That energy combined with growing up bouncing from suburban to farmland Pennsylvania shaped my world quite a bit.  Dysfunctional family arrangements & the loss of my Mother to brain cancer when I was 14 launched me into my own headspace, a headspace full of freedom that craved to experience things for itself, with autonomy, abandon, & love for all adventure. That freedom certainly tuned my periphery to seek what I believed was the unexplored, the ultimate zenith of the darkest reaches, the underground.  And I was going to draw just that.

Sisters: When did you really start committing to you artwork?

TODD: I attended fine art school at Kutztown University.  This juncture found me creating & swimming in work all hours of the day & night. Sleep was just a word.  The drugs were free (or close to it) & I was deep in the exploration of mark making thru psychedelics.  So much so that I would actually choose from tens of works to turn in for final drawings, retrofitting them to the required syllabus. This was a bit toxic being that I was seemingly getting further away from what my professors wanted,  but I was way down the mineshaft by then…there was no turning back.  That said, I was hugely inspired by my professors as a result- they helped me to understand the tools needed to structure this cervasse filtering upwards into my sky- I felt reciprocated in reality, an altering that would bring great benefit to my new understanding of composition. This became my foundation.

Sisters: How would you describe your art?

TODD: It’s anybody’s observation.  I’ve heard it called post-modern expressionism. I guess my name is in that hat to some degree.  It’s just how I express myself.

Sisters: What inspires your art?

TODD: Humanity, relative synergy, infinite possibilities, music & all its incarnations, dark dreams- the ones I remember.  The rest just happens when I see, (mis)read or (mis)hear something, break it all apart, & let it come out onto the surface. 

Sisters: What medium do you use? How did you discover your love if this medium?

TODD: I’ll draw with anything that will make a mark just to see what I can get or see out of it,  what I feel from it.  Drawing is the truth. I love ink- to abandon the notion of capturing the appearance of something for the pursuit of its spirit is where my projections lie- that’s the zenith status in my book.

Sisters: Where do you currently live? Do you have a studio?

TODD: For almost 15 years now, I’ve lived & worked out my studio in Brooklyn NY with my wife Megan, who heads Entertainment PR for Tommy Hilfiger.

Sisters: What are your hobbies outside of art?

TODD: I would say traveling & Surfing are the top of that list for Megs & I- always trying to get home to the beach.  The rest of the time we’re herding two cats, Buddy Miles Davis & Ella Fitzgella. 

Sisters: Where has your artwork taken you? Shows? Buyers? Collaborations? Etc…

TODD: I’m always open to collaborations- I’ve worked with Rag And Bone for a special capsule collection,  did Gap Product Red thru Art Production Fund, been commissioned to draw live with every band at Splendour In The Grass Festival in Australia, worked on Broadway with Sweeney Todd & In The Heights, Off Broadway with Chicken & Ironbound doing live drawings.  My work has been featured in motion pictures, short film, magazine features & interviews, & used creatively by the bands I’ve had the pleasure of drawing alongside. 

Collectors are what keep this ship sailing,  & most are private. Honestly, I couldn’t list one name of a supporter without 500 others coming to mind so I will say you know who you are!TODDimage3Photo By: Melissa DilgerTODDimage14TODDimage15TODDimage9Photo By: Ashley Costello

Thank you TODD for opening up and letting us share you with our followers.
To see more of his work you can find that here.  And for daily inspirational post you can follower him on Instagram.
Love, The Sisters


February 23, 2016

streetleveledit (10 of 20)

When we were approached to design and create a more inviting space for the Street Level Handbag showroom located in downtown Los Angeles, excited and thrilled would be an understatement.  The already existing walls and concrete floors were a blank canvas that we became very anxious to get our hands on.  The inspiration quickly started flowing in.  The owner/founder of Street Level was more than a delight to work with and her enthusiastic personality, giggly laugh, and contagious smile made this project beyond fun!

After meeting with her and her team, we at 4 Corners decided to find our inspiration by creating a fictional character.  This character would be their “ideal” customer.  She would be the type of woman who would wear their amazing selection of handbags as an accessory to her already fabulous life.  This is where and how our inspiration was created for this space.

We would love to introduce you to Claire! She is a recent college graduate and known as a free spirit. She is now living on her own for the first time in her NY apartment.  She is a lover and collector of vintage finds.  She loves to travel the world and often finds herself in Paris, taking photos, and continuing her education of life!  A true butterfly in our eyes.

streetleveledit (3 of 20) streetleveledit (5 of 20) streetleveledit (6 of 20) streetleveledit (7 of 20) streetleveledit (8 of 20) streetleveledit (9 of 20)

If you look closely you will see hints of travel, education, Paris, butterflies, and vintage finds.  All these elements mixed in with the beautiful handbags made for a very unique display.  The clients also needed multiple meeting places for their buyers.  Therefore, we created three different types of spaces for them to meet.  One being a casual lounge area for meetings, an informal bar top, and a more formal conference table.  This will allow their buyers to feel at home and comfortable when buying for their new retail collections.  We brought in a muralist to create some imagery on the walls, such as the handbag menu behind the bar and the freehand butterfly on the black wall which makes for a great Instagram photo!

streetleveledit (11 of 20) streetleveledit (12 of 20) streetleveledit (13 of 20) streetleveledit (14 of 20) streetleveledit (15 of 20)

We also custom made a unique butterfly mobile that hangs center in the showroom to draw the eye up and remind us to live a more free spirited life, like Claire.  Because the space was a large industrial warehouse, we also wanted to warm things up and create a feeling of life inside the brick walls and concrete floors.  This was the inspiration behind the faux living walls and hanging plants.  Hanging the backyard string lights also gave it a whimsical feel and really brightening things up.

streetleveledit (2 of 20) streetleveledit (16 of 20) streetleveledit (4 of 20) streetleveledit (17 of 20) streetleveledit (18 of 20) streetleveledit (19 of 20) streetleveledit (20 of 20) streetleveledit (21 of 20)

Overall the space feels well lived, well-educated, and well-traveled.  Everything the client asked for and both Street Level and 4 Corners could not be happier.  We were honored to create such a space and beyond thrilled they chose us to do so.

Please head on over to our Instagram, @sistersof4corners, to participate in our Giveaway with the fabulous Street Level.  You can win one of their beautiful handbags!  Now hurry up and enter!

The Sisters


February 1, 2016

I know my sister Elaina isn’t the biggest fan of Valentines, and I get where she is coming from. It can be cheesy, forced and if you have no one to share it with, it can be the most depressing day of the year… Especially at our age. I mean, who are we kidding. Holla to all my single gal friends out there!

I have been blessed when it comes to Valentines day because eight years ago when I met Tyler, we accidentally fell into our tradition on Valentines day. Because of our tradition, I have grown to LOVE this holiday and in fact, look forward to it every year! We keep it simple and glutinous, no gifts exchanged! All we do is drive thru IN & OUT and order our favorite menu items (mine being a #2 animal style, protein style with well done french fries and a root beer). Then we head home to eat it on our sofa, in our pj’s and we rent a movie on Apple TV. Best day of the year by far! Now, I know we mentioned no gifts. I am okay with this, though some of you may not be. In the case you need some help in directing your men to some idea…Here are my top 3 gift ideas:


I love Anna Beck’s jewelry and I have been eyeing this simple but beautiful necklace. This is an everyday piece which us girls are always looking for. Something that will go with everything and we can keep on all year-long, no matter the occasion.

Now, I’m obsessed with my BKR bottles. I think every women needs one. The gift of hydration in style!

Lastly, I stumbled across this gal on Instagram, of course!!!! I have been eyeing one of her extremely large knit pieces for days now!!! How amazing does this blanket look? Cuddled up on the sofa with my In & Out!!!  Hmmm…maybe we WILL exchange gifts this year. Plus her styling is on point.

XO, Susanna

Currently : Pinning

January 11, 2016


Ever get sucked in to the Pinterest hole , unable to escape it?? We do! Here’s a round-up of a handful of things we found this week.

We are loving the blush and dusty blue trend that is happening– we think there is going to be a PLENTY of beautiful rose, blue, and green colors going around town this year and we aren’t mad about it. As always, loving brass accents. We’d take that powder bath in our home any day, and that cacti window garden too.

What are you pinning? Let us know your username  in the comments so we can follow you, or find us HERE.

The Sisters

Featured Artist: OKIINO

January 7, 2016

OKIINO sea - colors

I first met Angeline my freshman year at Berkeley. For me it was a love at first sight. I knew I wanted to be friends with her as she has this amazing energy and incredible spirit. Our friendship grew fast and before long, we were spending all our free time together. We went on to be roommates in two different houses in Berkeley where we would throw the most amazing parties and have incredible dinner feasts with all of our friends. Angeline had a way of making incredible and exciting things happen. I’ve been watching her manifest every dream of hers since those early days, morphing into a successful entrepreneur. Whether she’s throwing down beats as A-List, consulting high-powered executives, or buying up real estate or flying across the globe to surf she’s an inspiration to me.

OKIINO - studio OKIINO sea 2

She has recently launched yet another dream of hers, the Okiino brand. This business venture marries some of her favorite things and as a result, her and her partners have created a beautiful brand selling high quality leggings that are designed by local artists. They will carry you through your surf session, your yoga class, or just an outing around town. They’re incredibly versatile, feel so great, and made with love and incredible attention to detail.

While there are a few surf and yoga leggings currently in the market, OKIINO’s product has the highest quality Italian 4-way stretch fabric technology, maximum UV protection, custom prints created by artists, and unique design features to truly be multi-functional in the water and on land. Plus, their products are locally made in San Francisco, and they donate a portion of the sales to non-profit partners that reflect their brand and values.

Be sure to check these ladies out on Instagram and Facebook!




January 1, 2016

Wow, what a year! We had so much fun this year that wanted to share our highlights with you all!

In January Elaina started the year out with finishing up the cozy and eclectic Villa Aloha in Bali. We loved working with this super fun and adventurous client who loved big doses of color and pattern. Susanna took a trip with the gals to New York, the City that never sleeps! It was so fun to play tourist.

January photo 1

February we finished up the Johnson bath. This was my favorite project of the year! Loved how this bathroom turned out and we got a great response from our followers!


March was full of planning and creating, but Elaina especially loved running around with her two boys in the jungle.


May, I loved finishing up the renovation of Villa Simona! This was a blast to do.


July Susanna had an unbelievable family trip to my favorite place on earth! Yosemite. The only thing that was missing was Elaina. Elaina did have a blast though spending time with the family in Nusa Lembongan island, off the coast of Bali.

photo 3 julyelaina

August, Elaina was so happy to get to fly back to the States to spend some quality time with my family as we celebrated our cousin’s wedding. Cheers to the best siblings a girl could ask for.


September included an East Coast Visit with Elaina. We met up in Philly to have some major catch up time and dance our hearts out at the wedding on the year!


October had the honor or styling a room for a community event and collaboration with one of our favorite local companies, Swenyo!

photo 5

November was a busy month, but the highlight was definitely being able to show the San Diego community how to style your Thanksgiving table tops on the popular news channel Fox 5.

photo 6

December we finished our Locke Fireplace. Love how this turned out and it was a great note to end the year on!


2015 was a great year and we can’t WAIT to see what 2016 has in store for us. It’s already out to a great start with rad projects so keep your eyes open!!! We can’t wait to share 2016’s work with you all.

Thank you for being apart of our Sister community, and get excited for a new look this year!

The Sisters

Holiday Gift Guide

December 13, 2015

holidays.2015Oh, the holidays! One of the few times a year where asking, or hoping, for gifts is totally acceptable. We rounded up a few of what we’re hoping is under the tree!

Susanna // 1. For our rocker chicks…I’m currently eyeing these bad gals! Obsessed and think every girl needs a shiny pair of ankle boots! 2. For our big spender, I stumbled across these jewelers on Instagram and have been stalking them daily! This ring is the best way to tell some one you love and appreciate them. 3. For the women on the go, like us Sisters, this tote will help keep your things organized! Now, if only it would keep my thoughts organized! 4.We all need power at times, right?? How adorable is this Iphone Charger! A great stocking stuffer or gift for your gal pals! 5. I just got myself a new laptop and you better believe this guy is on my list this year! Drooling!

Elaina // 6. I can’t always get what I want here in Bali. Sometimes it requires a plane ride or hitting up someone’s luggage space who is flying in. I’m running low on my signature scent and feeling anxious about it as wearing perfume is what I do everyday no matter what. This is my scent. Been moving through Fresh scents since I was in my early 20s. I seem to change every 5-7 years. I think this one may last a bit longer. 7. I’m a huge fan of Jai Vasicek over at Ahoy Trader and his tiles make for great gifts that can fill that small little spot on the wall that needs that little something. 8. I’m a sucker for good candles. I have a sensitive sense of smell (say that ten times fast) and so when it’s a good one, it can set the mood for everything. Not only do I know the beautiful soul behind this magic but I’ve tried and tested the product and it is oh so good. I’ll have one of everything please. 9. This time of year I really start to miss home and the crisp cold air. I dream about being cold and missing my boots and sweaters. I’m obsessing over this little number soon to be on sale with my girls over at Sea and Wander. Kinda funny I dream about being cold so I can wear warm clothes to feel warmer as I sit here dripping in my own sweat from the tropical heat that is Bali right now… Doesn’t make sense! 10. I’ve always been a bit obsessed with coffee table books and I think they make for great gifts. I started following Humans of New York a while back on instagram and love all the amazing stories. A good coffee table book will interest your guests and make for some great conversation. This one is on my list for sure!

Happy shopping!! XOXO

Sea + Wander

December 2, 2015

seawander3 Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.15.43 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.15.29 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.35.08 PM cournteymaria (1 of 1)seawander

A unique and different approach to retail, where fashion meets social and helps support our community. With a flare of chic conscious living, Sea + Wander boutique offers a variety of products that meet the demand of our client’s life style. Every product is sourced with care and considered for it’s uniqueness.  We aim to partner up with companies that give back to their community.  It also features a kid area inspired by the both of the owner’s children, a space where they can explore and be creative, or enjoy reading while mom shops and socializes with other moms. They will be carrying all of our favorite brands for women, children, and your home! Elaina and I have been friends with the girls for years, and they are long time North County locals. The owners, Courtney and Maria,  have impeccable taste in all things fashion, decor and product so us sisters are beyond thrilled and excited that they have decided to team up.

They are currently looking for a permanent location to allow moms to shop while their kids are entertained. How cool is that?! They will offer kids classes, mom and baby classes, crafts, etc… All about the mom and the kid while still being fabulous! You can shop their pop up starting December 4th for the holiday and come next year, look out for these ladies and their permanent shop location!!

The Sea + Wander Pop-up Shop will be held at SAID Space Gallery located at 766 N. Coast Highway, Encinitas, CA 92024. Opening night is December 4th from 3-7pm. Click here to see their Instagram for more sneak peeks at the awesome brands they will be carrying!

Xoxo and happy shopping!

Fall Favorites

November 8, 2015

With the seasons changing, it’s easy to also want to change or add items in and around your life to accommodate the weather, or influx of parties the holidays bring! Elaina, in Bali, won’t be experiencing cooler temperatures but she will be experiencing a ton of rain. Tropic downpours are no joke. Susanna may get hit with El Nino in San Diego, but it’s a lot easier to make a cozy home than force cooler weather– And because it’s fun to do, we’ve compiled a few items that are on our wish-list. SistersFallFavs

Left to right, top to bottom: Elaina // My go to for that tropical look, Cha Cha Tint. Rain wellies to deal with the flooding that occurs here in Bali, Chooka. For our weekend beach adventures, The Beach People. Lusting after these fab beach umbrellas. Bali is it’s hottest during rainy season, Basil Bangs. Loving these playful dessert or picnic plates that can be used to add a bit of whimsical to your holidays and make eating more fun for the little ones, Anthropologie. Susanna // Gold Cutlery Set  perf for the holidays and all that eating, Shoppe by Amber Interiors. This is the best fall jacket! It will become a staple for the next few months.  (once it cools down!) The perfect blend of rocker chic and boho, Cleobella. My fave nail color of the season. Love the true oxblood that the Burberry has put out! Color #303, Nordstrom. My go to scent of the fall is the Baltic Amber candles by Voluspa. Takes me home every time, Voluspa. This chandelier, totally drool worthy! In love and think all dining tables this fall need to meet this handsome fella, Anthropologie.

The Sisters