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Spaces We’re Loving : Laura Browning the Artist

June 13, 2016

OK folks, so our hearts fell out when we stumbled across this mid century modern home nestled in the Bay Area, and knew immediately we had to share it with you.  This is the beautiful home of the amazing artist, Laura Browning.  We discovered Laura and her art after we were stalking another artist by the name of Holly Young.  (Don’t worry, you will learn more about Holly later this month!)  After chatting with Holly via social media, she shared with us the home of her gal pal, Laura … knowing us mid century loving sisters would fall over and die.  Twice.  And we did.  Twice.

Turns out Laura and her husband  (and the most adorable little boy) took their time finding this home and knew from the very beginning they wanted an Eichler home.  Yup, that’s right.  This home was built by Joseph Eichler in 1963.  Eichler was one of the nation’s most influential builders of modern homes during the mid 50’s through mid 60’s.  His homes are known for post-and-beam construction, floor to ceiling windows, and the atrium’s in the center of the home.  A dream come true, if you ask us.

Take a look for yourself folks. the cutest lil boy, ever!)

static2.squarespace.comstatic3.squarespace.comstatic4.squarespace.comstatic5.squarespace.comAre you dying to get inside?  We know you are.  And before we do so, let us tell you that Laura re-finished all the floors by herself!  When they bought the home it was a patchwork of carpet, linoleum and VCT tiles.  Took her about 30 straight days of demo-ing, sanding, smoothing and a lot of patience.  That’s dedication, right there!  She also re-finished all the original wood paneling in the house.  This sounds like a labor of love to us.

Welcome inside.

static7.squarespace.comstatic8.squarespace.comstatic9.squarespace.comstatic11.squarespace.comstatic12.squarespace.comstatic13.squarespace.comstatic15.squarespace.comThe decor of this home stands true to the architecture and design of the 50’s and 60’s.  Laura and her family travel quite a bit and collect special items that speak to them and have placed them throughout the home.  They are also fans of doing house swaps with people from all over the world who also own mid century modern home.  Sounds dreamy!

static16.squarespace.comstatic17.squarespace.comstatic18.squarespace.comHer home studio is where she draws a lot of inspiration for her amazing work.  Her artwork is a true reflection of her home and personal style.  We love that her pieces are simple, but complex when it comes to light and texture.  We’re saving our pennies to buy ones of these beauties!

static19.squarespace.comstatic20.squarespace.comstatic21.squarespace.comstatic22.squarespace.comstatic23.squarespace.comstatic24.squarespace.comWhat an amazing home to sleep in and wake up to everyday.  This family is a blessed family and we are thrilled that they allowed us to step into their home and share it with you.

We hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we did…And of course, after this, it’s going to be hard not to start researching Eichler homes for your next purchase!

Love, The Sisters

Featured Artist: TODD DICIURCIO

May 20, 2016

TODDimage2Photo By: Melissa Dilger

We first met TODD DICIURCIO when he and his wife were passing through Bali visiting mutual friends a few years back.  We met this charismatic couple and we were instantly drawn to them.  Not only were they dressed to the nines in some fabulous gear, but their personalities and love for each other was attracting to say the least, and that night ended up with one too many, at last call…Or so we were told 😉

We quickly learned that Todd was quite the artist and had made a name for himself in the NY art scene, as well as the music and fashion world.  This is when we began following his career and our love for his spontaneous and vibrant works of art came about.

It’s an honor for us sister to introduce you to such a talent as Todd.   Todd lives a fast paced life in New York City and is often seen on the red carpet at the fashion shows, music gatherings, gala’s and charity events.  He’s kind of a big deal folks…The coolest part about him and his art is that he is known for his “Live Performance” .  Where he synchronizes his art method or art technique while a live band plays…The collaboration between artist and musician become something else.  He has worked with bands such as: The Rolling Stones, The Killers, The English Beat, Broken Social Scene, Bon Jovi and The Kings of Leon…Just to name a few.

He has collaborated with fashion house such as Rag & Bone and The GAP, he has been selected as “Artist Residence” in hot spots like, The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas and had a kitty cat named RHYTHM THE CAT who left us a while back…but based on his love for the furry guy, you would think this cat still roams the earth. RIP Rhythm.  It’s shit like this folks, that makes this human a real down to earth, rad and talented mother fucker.  Excuse the language, but there really is no better way to explain this talented human.

We asked him a few personal questions…Take a read. Take a look.TODDimage1Photo By: Melissa Dilger
TODDimage4TODDimage5Photos By: John Robinson TODDimage10TODDimage11TODDimage8TODDimage12TODDimage13Sisters: Give us some insight into your childhood, upbringing and when you discovered your love of art.

TODD: Creating was always a way for me to show something that felt important.  I remember the effect of television as a kid- tracing right on the screen to Michael Jackson when he performed at The Grammys, football games, Sesame Street, Kung Fu movies, The Three Stooges, cartoons, car ads…just reacting. When MTV hit,  I was still doing this.  It was like connecting to the static of the world off the static from the tv.  Music became the fuel & I was the vehicle. That energy combined with growing up bouncing from suburban to farmland Pennsylvania shaped my world quite a bit.  Dysfunctional family arrangements & the loss of my Mother to brain cancer when I was 14 launched me into my own headspace, a headspace full of freedom that craved to experience things for itself, with autonomy, abandon, & love for all adventure. That freedom certainly tuned my periphery to seek what I believed was the unexplored, the ultimate zenith of the darkest reaches, the underground.  And I was going to draw just that.

Sisters: When did you really start committing to you artwork?

TODD: I attended fine art school at Kutztown University.  This juncture found me creating & swimming in work all hours of the day & night. Sleep was just a word.  The drugs were free (or close to it) & I was deep in the exploration of mark making thru psychedelics.  So much so that I would actually choose from tens of works to turn in for final drawings, retrofitting them to the required syllabus. This was a bit toxic being that I was seemingly getting further away from what my professors wanted,  but I was way down the mineshaft by then…there was no turning back.  That said, I was hugely inspired by my professors as a result- they helped me to understand the tools needed to structure this cervasse filtering upwards into my sky- I felt reciprocated in reality, an altering that would bring great benefit to my new understanding of composition. This became my foundation.

Sisters: How would you describe your art?

TODD: It’s anybody’s observation.  I’ve heard it called post-modern expressionism. I guess my name is in that hat to some degree.  It’s just how I express myself.

Sisters: What inspires your art?

TODD: Humanity, relative synergy, infinite possibilities, music & all its incarnations, dark dreams- the ones I remember.  The rest just happens when I see, (mis)read or (mis)hear something, break it all apart, & let it come out onto the surface. 

Sisters: What medium do you use? How did you discover your love if this medium?

TODD: I’ll draw with anything that will make a mark just to see what I can get or see out of it,  what I feel from it.  Drawing is the truth. I love ink- to abandon the notion of capturing the appearance of something for the pursuit of its spirit is where my projections lie- that’s the zenith status in my book.

Sisters: Where do you currently live? Do you have a studio?

TODD: For almost 15 years now, I’ve lived & worked out my studio in Brooklyn NY with my wife Megan, who heads Entertainment PR for Tommy Hilfiger.

Sisters: What are your hobbies outside of art?

TODD: I would say traveling & Surfing are the top of that list for Megs & I- always trying to get home to the beach.  The rest of the time we’re herding two cats, Buddy Miles Davis & Ella Fitzgella. 

Sisters: Where has your artwork taken you? Shows? Buyers? Collaborations? Etc…

TODD: I’m always open to collaborations- I’ve worked with Rag And Bone for a special capsule collection,  did Gap Product Red thru Art Production Fund, been commissioned to draw live with every band at Splendour In The Grass Festival in Australia, worked on Broadway with Sweeney Todd & In The Heights, Off Broadway with Chicken & Ironbound doing live drawings.  My work has been featured in motion pictures, short film, magazine features & interviews, & used creatively by the bands I’ve had the pleasure of drawing alongside. 

Collectors are what keep this ship sailing,  & most are private. Honestly, I couldn’t list one name of a supporter without 500 others coming to mind so I will say you know who you are!TODDimage3Photo By: Melissa DilgerTODDimage14TODDimage15TODDimage9Photo By: Ashley Costello

Thank you TODD for opening up and letting us share you with our followers.
To see more of his work you can find that here.  And for daily inspirational post you can follower him on Instagram.
Love, The Sisters

Our Current Blog Crushes

May 17, 2016

Blog-CurshesfYou may already know about these fabulous bloggers…but these days we find ourselves frequenting them on the regular for design inspiration.  If you haven’t stumbled across these creative do-er’s then get your lil butts to their design mecca’s and check them out.

Brittney Makes:  For project tutorials, and color overload!

New Darlings:  For a freakishly adorable husband and wife duo with mad mid century modern style, and MAJOR hair envy.  (Christina, your hair is to dye for!!!!)

House of Hipsters:  For “down to earth, I can actually achieve this look” design inspiration! Love it!

My Scandinavian Home:  For everything you wish your home was.


Love, The Sisters


May 11, 2016

PINNING005Yes…It’s true.  Us sister’s love fashion almost as mush as we love interiors and these pink clutches got us thinking about summer dresses and girls night out!  And how about this light fixture? Do you die?  We are completely crushing on the royal and dark blue hues that are popping up all over Pintrest.  This gold trimmed fixture with the blue is the perfect blend of whimsical and grown up!  The gallery wall was such a hit, then replaced with oversized framed images and now coming back, but with a twist!  Loving this corner gallery wall.  Speaking of blue…How about this pop of wall color at the end of a hallway?  Or how about this tile? Total drool worthy and got us re-thinking our kitchen back splash!  Then the cherry on top is this bathroom.  Where do we even begin with this one?

Also, we have a new board on pintrest!!!  Plant Power is the name!  Plant inspiration is the game!  Follow along here.

Love, The Sisters

Our Picks : Pillows Under $50

May 6, 2016

Pillows are an accessory that you’ll always need, and with the wide range of prices it’s often overwhelming when working within a budget! Luckily there are amazing deals accessible to almost anyone, not just for designers. We rounded up our top nine pillows to share with you, all under 50$! With these prices, you’re bound to have a pillow party and create a fab sofa or bench scene.


Etsy – 1, 2, 3 .

West Elm – 1, 2, 3.

Target – 1, 2, 3.

Love, The Sisters

Spaces We’re Loving : Jody Olivier of INDIEbugalow

May 2, 2016


We have been stalking Jody Olivier of Indie Bungalow on instagram for awhile now.  It was the small glimpses of her home that we would see scrolling through her feed that got us real curious about her dwellings.  She is the owner of the etsy shop that allows you to escape to places like Africa and Asia through her hand selected textile collection, that she so lovingly turns into pillows and throws. ( Hand sewn by herself folks!!!)  Her pieces have us drooling over her daily post and home decor.

Now, we are beyond thrilled to step into her home with you.  Again, it was the sneak peeks of rich colors and textured textiles that wanted us to see more.  She has mastered the layered look and a well lived, well traveled feel.  She blends this look with a minimal/modern vibe, which is everything us Sisters love.

Take a look folks, and be ready to be amazed!


After spending the day with Jody we discovered that she was raised in Hawaii and has been living in San Diego for many years now.  She told us upon entering her house, that she was sold on buying the house after seeing the 15ft. copper front door.  She didn’t even have to go any farther.  She knew.  We don’t blame her.  The previous house had walls blocking outside views and a overgrown garden and landscape.  After removing a wall that looks out to the back yard and adding a infinity pool, where the once overgrown garden existed she discovered her own tropical oasis in the heart of Carlsbad.


This house is a mid century design which was previously owned by Harry James and Betty Grable.  It was a popular hangout for the Rat Pack and was later occupied by the fabulous Dustin Hoffman.  This gives you an idea of the type of space it is, and the type of parties that must have gone on here!  A party house it may be, but we must admit, Jody has created a calm and relaxing vibe.  She is a no fuss, no bull Sh*t kind of gal.  What we love about this down to earth gal is that she is blending the high end look with here Biggie and Tu-Pac dish towels.  I mean, come on folks…This is a girl after our own hearts.


Along with all the layers of juiciness we discovered that a handful of the artwork in the house was done by herself!  She is a fan of Native American art and her medium is resin!  So cool, folks!  We are in heaven at this house.  A true gem, and we were honored that she let us in and allowed us to share with all of you…

indiebungalow(48of72)indiebungalow(3of72)indiebungalow(4of72) indiebungalow(52of72) indiebungalow(49of72) indiebungalow(57of72) indiebungalow(59of72) indiebungalow(61of72) indiebungalow(62of72)Photos By: Kelly Fondots

You can follow Jody on her popular instaram and shop her goods here.

Love, The Sisters

Latest Creation : A Young + Hip Home

April 25, 2016


This project was exciting for us because the home owners were moving into a new home and didn’t want to bring any existing items from the old house with them.  This was literally a blank canvas for us.  A blank canvas is a designer’s dream . . . and it’s an even better dream when the clients has great taste.  We had a blast working closely with the them in creating a fresh and youthful downstairs which consisted of a cozy entry, kitchen, dining room, and family room

After some client programming and interviewing, we had a clear vision of the home owner’s taste and style.  We dove head first into sourcing lush and luxurious textiles and materials to layer and create a blended look of old and new, rich and light.  This home has a well lived feel. Everything we wanted to create for this young family.  A home they can grow into, with a high end look and relaxed feel.

mushetproject(18of64) mushetproject(17of64) mushetproject(20of64)mushetproject(26of64)mushetproject(27of64)mushetproject(28of64)mushetproject(23of64)mushetproject(29of64) mushetproject(32of64)mushetproject(34of64) mushetproject(40of64) mushetproject(41of64) mushetproject(47of64) mushetproject(35of64) mushetproject(48of64) mushetproject(54of64) mushetproject(55of64) mushetproject(64of64) mushetproject(63of64)

We used today’s trends when it came to the items we sourced, however kept a timeless and classic feel to the home.  We think we executed this concept and the client’s vision beautifully.  This home makes us want to cuddle up in one of the corners and have a good conversation or read a juicy book.

Let us know what you think!

The Sisters

Design 101 : Mid Century Chairs

April 15, 2016


Us sisters are suckers for a good Mid Century piece.  We hope this can shed some light and inspiration for your next furniture find or must have!  Having a timeless piece like a Mid Century chair not only modernizes a space, but adds some charm and acts as a good conversation piece.  You can never go wrong with adding one of these babies in your home.

Love, The Sisters

Latest Creation : A Kool Kid’s Bath!

March 29, 2016

We had a blast designing this kids bath!  I mean, how sweet is this space?  The client asked for something that would work for the kids now and continue to grow as the kids grow, in terms of style.

kidsbath (6 of 5) kidsbath (5 of 5) kidsbath (4 of 5) kidsbath (3 of 5)

This was a no brainer for us!  Let’s start with the walls and paint them a soft grey.  This is a gender neutral color and is also youthful and sophisticated.  We also felt strongly about adding a tiled wainscoting on the wall.  Again, like the paint color, the idea of a wainscot is both youthful being practical for children as well as a timeless and classic wall detail that has been adorning walls since the beginning of time.

We decided upon using a classic white subway tile and the added beveled detail makes it a bit more mature in nature.  We decided to off play the maturity of the beveled tile and install a trough sink that resembles the old school sinks we all used in our outdated elementary school.  The faucets are our favorite part!  How cool are these faucets ?

302-15579 Canton Ridge Terrace San Diego

The kids now are quite tiny and reaching this large sink was going to be a problem.  As we custom designed this vanity we took their little bodies into consideration.  We started by shrinking the depth of the vanity in the center where the sink lies.  This allows them to reach the water.  We decided to keep the sides of the sink at standard depth to allow for counter space.  This also makes the vanity feel custom.  Which is always a good look.  The next best part about this design is the built in pull out stools.  These stools sit tight inside the vanity similar to drawers, however when you pull these guys out they are stools that the kids can stand on only when needed.  These stools can then be turned upside-down later on and act as storage drawers.  And having pivoting mirrors is a great way to accommodate for tall and small users!

Overall we think we created a kid tested, adult approved bathroom that will stand the trials of time and style!  A splash of contemporary and classic meets sweet and youthful.  What’s not to love about this bathroom?  We hope you love it as much as we loved creating it.

The Sisters