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A Day At The Flea Market

March 24, 2016

I spy with my little eye . . . This is what it’s like when we spend the day at the Flea Market.  We are huge fans of the famous Long Beach Flea Market and we decided to share  with you, a day with us looking for the perfect find!

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The Sisters

A Day with Actress & Singer Daniella Monet

March 22, 2016

DaniellaMonetSWENYO-49We were thrilled when the team over at Swenyo  asked us to help style the television’s star Daniella Monet’s bedroom and office in her newly purchased LA home.  This was a marketing collaboration between Danielle and Swenyo, and they both knew they would want and need the touch of a professional designer to help assist with the over all look and vibe.

We were honored when they reach out to us.  It was a no brainer.  A day spent with a down to earth talent with incredible taste, a production team such as Swenyo, and the talented photographer Kim Marcelo is a day well spent to us!

We blended the furnishings that Swenyo provided along with a few other accessories we sourced to created a minimal, fresh and youthful bedroom + office for the actress.

Take a look!!


DaniellaMonetSWENYO-24 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-26


DaniellaMonetSWENYO-16 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-18 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-37 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-81 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-40 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-41 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-42


Daniellamonetxx. Daniellamonetx, Daniellamonetshel dmdesklevel dmentry dmsusannase dmworkstation

This collab was too much fun and we hope you enjoyed the before and after transformation!!

To see the actress herself express the love of her new space and see how the boyfriend reacted when he came home, watch this!

The Sisters

Spaces We’re Loving : Maria Eugenia of Sea + Wander

March 13, 2016


We met Maria a few years back via a mutual friend, and both of us sisters have been close to her ever since.  This woman is someone to keep your eye on, folks!  She is the owner of the online shop for everything fabulous related to women and children, Sea + Wander. With a brick and mortar opening soon!  Please keep a look out for this local shop ladies, where we’re sure you will find us visiting on a regular basis.

She is a North County mama who is living the dream.  Originally from Argentina and after many years spent in NY she has now found herself in the coastal hometown of us Sisters, Carlsbad.

Maria’s taste is a cross of boho chic with modern flares.  She pays tribute to a few era’s (mid century and the rock roll days of the 70’s) and blends them so well in such a calming way. Maybe it’s the all white walls and sheep skins that create this calm vibe, but we would like to think it’s her warm heart and loving spirit that makes you want to crawl up on her day bed/sofa and listen to records all day.

Welcome to Maria’s home:


We are honored to show you a glimpse of Maria’s home and we hope you think it’s as beautiful as we do.

The Sisters


March 8, 2016


Clearly our love of Blush hasn’t faded! It just feels right, paired with white or black you really can’t go wrong. We love this huge statement centerpiece using greenery from your backyard. Earthly textiles and buttery leather with a dark statement wall? Yes please, and a nice break from “all white errythang” too. This staircase + that brick wall = chic, rustic, and modern. These tiles are giving us major heart eyes. We’d take a whole shelf of these ceramic beauties, and bonus is that they’d look amazing on an open shelf in the kitchen! Last, this cactus would look fabulous in an entry way.

Happy pinning, friends!

The Sisters


February 21, 2016

We first found The Beach Lodge on Instagram and had to follow right away. We love how Tiffany transformed this dark and drab cottage to a bright and happy vacation rental, including a well curated selection of our favorite design elements. It’s hard not to fall in love with all of the details Tiffany covered!  The Beach Lodge has been featured on The Venue Report and Front + Main, making it’s presence well known and a highly coveted vacation rental in Hollywood Beach! We are already dreaming of when we can post up in this beautiful home for the weekend this summer!

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Follow the Beach Lodge here or book a stay here.

The Sisters


February 1, 2016

I know my sister Elaina isn’t the biggest fan of Valentines, and I get where she is coming from. It can be cheesy, forced and if you have no one to share it with, it can be the most depressing day of the year… Especially at our age. I mean, who are we kidding. Holla to all my single gal friends out there!

I have been blessed when it comes to Valentines day because eight years ago when I met Tyler, we accidentally fell into our tradition on Valentines day. Because of our tradition, I have grown to LOVE this holiday and in fact, look forward to it every year! We keep it simple and glutinous, no gifts exchanged! All we do is drive thru IN & OUT and order our favorite menu items (mine being a #2 animal style, protein style with well done french fries and a root beer). Then we head home to eat it on our sofa, in our pj’s and we rent a movie on Apple TV. Best day of the year by far! Now, I know we mentioned no gifts. I am okay with this, though some of you may not be. In the case you need some help in directing your men to some idea…Here are my top 3 gift ideas:


I love Anna Beck’s jewelry and I have been eyeing this simple but beautiful necklace. This is an everyday piece which us girls are always looking for. Something that will go with everything and we can keep on all year-long, no matter the occasion.

Now, I’m obsessed with my BKR bottles. I think every women needs one. The gift of hydration in style!

Lastly, I stumbled across this gal on Instagram, of course!!!! I have been eyeing one of her extremely large knit pieces for days now!!! How amazing does this blanket look? Cuddled up on the sofa with my In & Out!!!  Hmmm…maybe we WILL exchange gifts this year. Plus her styling is on point.

XO, Susanna

Travel Diaries: Buenos Aires

January 27, 2016

When a good friend and her husband were packing their bags for a four month gaunt around the world, I quickly became inspired and remembered the days when I too dropped everything and trekked the world for six month to go “find myself.” What has happened now and what so easily happens to most of us, is we grow up, become entrepreneurs and travel solely for business, or “another” wedding. Finding the time to take care of myself and my own needs have become far and few.

I quickly decided to take the trip to meet my friends and spend a week in one of the most inspiring cities in the world!

This trip was for me, and me only. I had no expectations, no research, or follow up to do. If I stumbled across a fabulous textile supplier or one of the largest weekend markets in the world, then so be it! I would explore and inquire for the pure joy of it, and not bargain for a client or source for a project. Just me, and the reason why I fell in love with travel and design to begin with.

Buenos Aires is an astonishing metropolis with a European flare, and an edgy Latin American vibe. It was love at first site for me. The culture, the design, the street life, it all blew me away. On top of that, the city had a glimpse of New York living within it’s streets and that was a sweet familiarity that comforted me in a beautiful way.

Welcome to Buenos Aires!

buenosaires (11 of 14)

The City Neighborhoods (My favorites!):

Palermo: This is the hipster, New York part of Buenos Aires. The streets are lined with “cool” clothing and vintage shops, along with cafe’s that will make you drool. In this trendsetting neighborhood, you will find the Zoo and many green-gated parks that are perfect for a bike ride or stroll. Because of the time of year (it was hot!), the shade from the trees is where it’s at! This is where we also visited the Eva Peron museum and discovered a little more background on the famous Argentinian. Madonna only covered a portion of this amazing women’s life in the well know blockbuster. Needless to say, I will be watching Evita on Netflix this week.

buenosaires (2 of 1) buenosaires (7 of 14)

San Telmo: This is the older part of town. The cobbled stone streets and crumbling buildings remind you of the fight that the Argentinians put up to defend themselves from the Spaniards and British, hence the street named “Defensa.” This is the main street in San Telmo and we were lucky enough to have our AirBnB located here. It’s also the neighborhood with all the antiques, and houses the most amazing street market I have ever experienced!


buenosaires (4 of 14) buenosaires (5 of 14) buenosaires (13 of 14)

La Boca: The most colorful town on earth! This is the place you see in all the travel books where each house is painted a different color; the streets are lined with row after row of stacked and crooked house all painted vibrant colors. We learned that since this is a port town, the fisherman and boat owners would use the left over paint from their boats to paint their homes. This is how the beautiful tradition came alive and is one of the most inspiring places to see in person.

buenosaires (9 of 14) buenosaires (8 of 14) buenosaires (10 of 14)

Recoleta: We didn’t spend much time here, but we did visit the famous cemetery. Again, a breath taking experience. Some of the tombstones in this sacred space are bigger than my condo and more elaborate than the Basilica in Roma. This is also where Eva Peron was finally buried along side her family. The rows and rows of towering tributes to people’s lives is both eerie and stunning.

buenosaires (12 of 14)buenosaires (2 of 1)-3

Must Do’s:

Recoleta Cemetery

San Telmo Sunday Market. The largest market I have ever experienced. (blows the Pasadena Rose bowl out of the water) and the most unbelievable antiques I have ever seen.

El Zanjon De Granados: A remarkable underground archaeological site made up of old tunnels, sewers, and cisterns. Must take the tour. I know it may sound a bit touristy, but a different view into how the town of San Telmo use to work.

buenosaires (2 of 1)-4

Where to Eat:

I Latina: Mind Blowing. The most memorable meal to date.

Cafe Felix: A closed door (in someone’s home) community style, exclusive meal.

El Cuartito Pizza: Best Pizza in town! The pizza is amazing in BA because of the heavy Italian influence. All I have to say is, Cheese and Onion. Two please!

Gran Parilla Del Plata: This is where you go to get your steak and malbec!

Bar Seddon: This is where you grab a drink with an old vibe and black and white checkered floors.

buenosaires (2 of 1)-5buenosaires (2 of 14) buenosaires (3 of 14)

Where to Shop:

Gabriel Del Campo: The most beautiful antique shop I have ever stepped foot in. I kept telling the owner, that his shop is what my heaven will look like.

PAUL French Gallery: One of the best merchandising and home collections I have encountered. Their designs inspired me, and had me wanting to head home to dive back into my designs!

buenosaires (14 of 14)

Our Amazing Air BnB:

 AND, my dear friends who inspired the trip, Joni and Connor!

buenosaires (15 of 14)

You can follow their amazing adventures as they continue to travel over at The Clippies. Also, for a daily glimpses of their inspiring travels follow them on instagram: @jonpon12

Love, Susanna


January 17, 2016

20160112-IMG_6335Ciao Bella Eyelashes is a boutique style Eyelash Studio in the beach town of Encinitas, California. Founded by twin sisters Amie Calico and Ali Lindgren, the small studio offers high-end eyelash extension services using only the highest quality materials and the safest methods, they help you to feel beautiful and fresh with less hassle.

Here’s a little photo diary of my amazing visit with Scottie, pictured above and amazing lash artist. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share our experiences of this cool salon!

We fell in love with Ciao Bella because of their amazing lash results (obviously!), cute decor, and the warmth that fills the place thanks to their lash artists. They also incorporate family and community with events and outreach, which we love. The vibes of the modern, bohemian decor gave us major heart eyes and was icing on the cake to our wonderful experience.

20160112-IMG_6321 20160112-IMG_6325 Before and After:20160112-vsco-photo-1 20160112-IMG_633220160112-IMG_6340We LOVE their results. I am off to Argentina and am so happy with my lashes and even happier that I won’t have to wear make up for a week! Lashes make your life a thousand times easier, thank you Ciao Bella!!


Currently : Pinning

January 11, 2016


Ever get sucked in to the Pinterest hole , unable to escape it?? We do! Here’s a round-up of a handful of things we found this week.

We are loving the blush and dusty blue trend that is happening– we think there is going to be a PLENTY of beautiful rose, blue, and green colors going around town this year and we aren’t mad about it. As always, loving brass accents. We’d take that powder bath in our home any day, and that cacti window garden too.

What are you pinning? Let us know your username  in the comments so we can follow you, or find us HERE.

The Sisters