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Latest Creation: A Woodland Powder Room

May 25, 2016

014-Woods Powder RoomsmallWelcome to our Latest Creation!  This powder room was a complete blast to create and I’m sure you can see why.  These fabulous clients of ours are clearly way cooler than we will ever be and when they requested something fun we went to work immediately.  The husband was born and raised in Julian, California which is filled with forest trees, and creatures of all kinds.  He grew up hunting and this is where we drew our inspiration from.

We stumbled across this whimsical wallpaper and knew we had to use it.  This was our starting point.  Then an antler chandelier and a reclaimed wood ceiling to mimic the walls of a barn seemed to fall in place immediately after.

We love doing powder rooms, because not only are they small spaces, but it’s a space where you can have a lot of fun.  We always tell our clients to step it up in the main guest bathroom, as everyone who walks into your house will use the bathroom, and sit quietly by themselves.  (most likely judging!)  You want this area of the home to be a wow factor and topic of conversation!  Why not!  Have fun, and don’t be so serious!001-Woods Powder Roomsmall

004-Woods Powder Roomsmall006-Woods Powder Roomsmall

007-Woods Powder Roomsmall

008-Woods Powder Roomsmall013-Woods Powder RoomsmallThis takes peeing in the woods to a whole new level!  Ha!

Love, The Sisters

Featured Artist: TODD DICIURCIO

May 20, 2016

TODDimage2Photo By: Melissa Dilger

We first met TODD DICIURCIO when he and his wife were passing through Bali visiting mutual friends a few years back.  We met this charismatic couple and we were instantly drawn to them.  Not only were they dressed to the nines in some fabulous gear, but their personalities and love for each other was attracting to say the least, and that night ended up with one too many, at last call…Or so we were told 😉

We quickly learned that Todd was quite the artist and had made a name for himself in the NY art scene, as well as the music and fashion world.  This is when we began following his career and our love for his spontaneous and vibrant works of art came about.

It’s an honor for us sister to introduce you to such a talent as Todd.   Todd lives a fast paced life in New York City and is often seen on the red carpet at the fashion shows, music gatherings, gala’s and charity events.  He’s kind of a big deal folks…The coolest part about him and his art is that he is known for his “Live Performance” .  Where he synchronizes his art method or art technique while a live band plays…The collaboration between artist and musician become something else.  He has worked with bands such as: The Rolling Stones, The Killers, The English Beat, Broken Social Scene, Bon Jovi and The Kings of Leon…Just to name a few.

He has collaborated with fashion house such as Rag & Bone and The GAP, he has been selected as “Artist Residence” in hot spots like, The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas and had a kitty cat named RHYTHM THE CAT who left us a while back…but based on his love for the furry guy, you would think this cat still roams the earth. RIP Rhythm.  It’s shit like this folks, that makes this human a real down to earth, rad and talented mother fucker.  Excuse the language, but there really is no better way to explain this talented human.

We asked him a few personal questions…Take a read. Take a look.TODDimage1Photo By: Melissa Dilger
TODDimage4TODDimage5Photos By: John Robinson TODDimage10TODDimage11TODDimage8TODDimage12TODDimage13Sisters: Give us some insight into your childhood, upbringing and when you discovered your love of art.

TODD: Creating was always a way for me to show something that felt important.  I remember the effect of television as a kid- tracing right on the screen to Michael Jackson when he performed at The Grammys, football games, Sesame Street, Kung Fu movies, The Three Stooges, cartoons, car ads…just reacting. When MTV hit,  I was still doing this.  It was like connecting to the static of the world off the static from the tv.  Music became the fuel & I was the vehicle. That energy combined with growing up bouncing from suburban to farmland Pennsylvania shaped my world quite a bit.  Dysfunctional family arrangements & the loss of my Mother to brain cancer when I was 14 launched me into my own headspace, a headspace full of freedom that craved to experience things for itself, with autonomy, abandon, & love for all adventure. That freedom certainly tuned my periphery to seek what I believed was the unexplored, the ultimate zenith of the darkest reaches, the underground.  And I was going to draw just that.

Sisters: When did you really start committing to you artwork?

TODD: I attended fine art school at Kutztown University.  This juncture found me creating & swimming in work all hours of the day & night. Sleep was just a word.  The drugs were free (or close to it) & I was deep in the exploration of mark making thru psychedelics.  So much so that I would actually choose from tens of works to turn in for final drawings, retrofitting them to the required syllabus. This was a bit toxic being that I was seemingly getting further away from what my professors wanted,  but I was way down the mineshaft by then…there was no turning back.  That said, I was hugely inspired by my professors as a result- they helped me to understand the tools needed to structure this cervasse filtering upwards into my sky- I felt reciprocated in reality, an altering that would bring great benefit to my new understanding of composition. This became my foundation.

Sisters: How would you describe your art?

TODD: It’s anybody’s observation.  I’ve heard it called post-modern expressionism. I guess my name is in that hat to some degree.  It’s just how I express myself.

Sisters: What inspires your art?

TODD: Humanity, relative synergy, infinite possibilities, music & all its incarnations, dark dreams- the ones I remember.  The rest just happens when I see, (mis)read or (mis)hear something, break it all apart, & let it come out onto the surface. 

Sisters: What medium do you use? How did you discover your love if this medium?

TODD: I’ll draw with anything that will make a mark just to see what I can get or see out of it,  what I feel from it.  Drawing is the truth. I love ink- to abandon the notion of capturing the appearance of something for the pursuit of its spirit is where my projections lie- that’s the zenith status in my book.

Sisters: Where do you currently live? Do you have a studio?

TODD: For almost 15 years now, I’ve lived & worked out my studio in Brooklyn NY with my wife Megan, who heads Entertainment PR for Tommy Hilfiger.

Sisters: What are your hobbies outside of art?

TODD: I would say traveling & Surfing are the top of that list for Megs & I- always trying to get home to the beach.  The rest of the time we’re herding two cats, Buddy Miles Davis & Ella Fitzgella. 

Sisters: Where has your artwork taken you? Shows? Buyers? Collaborations? Etc…

TODD: I’m always open to collaborations- I’ve worked with Rag And Bone for a special capsule collection,  did Gap Product Red thru Art Production Fund, been commissioned to draw live with every band at Splendour In The Grass Festival in Australia, worked on Broadway with Sweeney Todd & In The Heights, Off Broadway with Chicken & Ironbound doing live drawings.  My work has been featured in motion pictures, short film, magazine features & interviews, & used creatively by the bands I’ve had the pleasure of drawing alongside. 

Collectors are what keep this ship sailing,  & most are private. Honestly, I couldn’t list one name of a supporter without 500 others coming to mind so I will say you know who you are!TODDimage3Photo By: Melissa DilgerTODDimage14TODDimage15TODDimage9Photo By: Ashley Costello

Thank you TODD for opening up and letting us share you with our followers.
To see more of his work you can find that here.  And for daily inspirational post you can follower him on Instagram.
Love, The Sisters

Travel Diaries : The Sisters Go To Paris

April 19, 2016

Is there a better place other than Paris to meet up with your sister, re-group, get inspired, and spend time with your Mom?  We don’t think so!  Paris was a slice of heaven and our words, nor our pictures will even begin to do justice for the experience, and the complete wonder that our trip was!

We all flew in at different times and met on a Tuesday at the most adorable Parisian apartment.  It was love at first sight for all of us!  The chic Parisians walking with baguettes in hands and the cold crisp air had us running out the door to go explore!  A week was just enough time to take in the sights, enjoy many glasses of Rose’, and eat more than enough of the most fabulous carbs and cheese on the planet!  And that is exactly what we did.


Our sights included places like the Notre Dame Cathedral, which is a Gothic cathedral that dates back to 12th century when construction began.  The walls are adorn with religious Icons, and columns that speak to you.  After this visit we dipped into the Saint Chapelle, Kingdom of Light which was erected in the 13th century and houses some of the worlds more profound stain glass windows.




And how could one not visit the famous Louvre???  We were warned about how overwhelming it can be and yes…true, but seeing the smirk on the Mona Lisa made the trip and crowds worth it.  If anything, at this point the jet lag was what was overwhelming!  On the other hand, in terms of museums, we all agreed the Musee d’Orsay was the best.  It was housed in the old railroad station that was built for the World Exposition in the 1900s and was laid out in such a beautiful way that made strolling in and out of the rooms seem more like a waltz dance.  This museum houses the Impressionist work such as Monet, Van Gough, Manet, and Renoir just to name a few.  Seeing their paintings inches from your face is a memory we will both hold for a long time.




With all the sightseeing and tourist hopping, we must say our favorite part was walking the streets in the different neighborhoods like the Latin Quarters and Montmarte.  This is where you could pop in and out of fashion houses and boutiques, stop at a multitude of cafes for a glass of Rose’ and a charcuterie plate while watching the Parisians walk by, speaking the most beautiful language ever.  After the cafe stops, we would walk with crepes in hand and watch the local artist draw portraits of the tourist.  Or another favorite was stumbling across the famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore.  A perfect day!

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Now, it wouldn’t be Paris without a stop at the Eiffel tower.  This was a spectacular experience for all of us.  The ride up to the second level to look out over the City was a bit nerve racking.  Especially for our mother…But once up top, the view made the queasy stomach and fear of heights disappear!  After the tour of the tower and a stroll along the perimeter, we stumbled upon another cafe for yet another glass or Rose’ and crepes…The best part being, after we paid the bill it was around 8:45pm and we walked outside to see the Eiffele tower lit up…which was spectacular!  When the clock striked 9pm shortly after it began to twinkle for a good 5 minutes, with blinking lights that filled our hearts with amazement!  Again, another memory that will stay with us for a long time to come.




It was a perfect mother, daughter trip and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you a glimpse into our experience.  For those of you who haven’t been to Paris, please put it on the list.  And for those of you who have been to Paris, you must go back!

Thank you for following along with us on this adventure and we look forward to the next trip!  Bon Voyage! Au Revoir!

Amour, Les Soeurs
(Love, The Sisters)

Travel Diaries : Follow The Sisters In Paris

April 4, 2016


Us sisters are meeting up in Paris with our mother for a mom and daughter trip!  We will both be flying in from Cali and Bali and couldn’t be more excited to reconnect and get inspired!  We haven’t seen each other for over 6 months and are way over-due for a face to face.  We work daily on projects via skype and email, however this adventure will be a trip for us to not only re-group but to explore and get inspired.  We are calling it a R&D trip!  Research and Development.  A lot is happening over at 4CORNERS and this trip will be one ingredient to some fabulous creations we cannot wait to share with you.

Follow along this next week on Instagram as we eat, explore and hunt our way through the fabulous streets of Paris!

Love, The Sisters

A Day At The Flea Market

March 24, 2016

I spy with my little eye . . . This is what it’s like when we spend the day at the Flea Market.  We are huge fans of the famous Long Beach Flea Market and we decided to share  with you, a day with us looking for the perfect find!

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The Sisters


March 3, 2016

Lucila Dominguez 64

As we were eating our way through the fabulous streets of Buenos Aries on my recent trip to Argentina, (as one of the many things the Argentinians are known for is their cuisine) I couldn’t help but stare  at one of the most beautiful murals I have ever seen located on the walls of the well know restaurant, Il Latina.  I enjoyed the most amazing meal, but I must admit I was quite distracted by this painting.  I finally asked the server, “Where on earth did this painting come from?  Who painted this?  I must know everything!”

This is where I would like to introduce to you our new favorite artist: Lucila Dominguez.  I ran home that night after dinner and quickly hit social media in search of more images of this very talented artist.  The images that filled my phone screen began to quickly blow me away.  I was in love.

Her work is beyond inspiring and heavily influenced by the botany world.  I have always been attracted to botanical imagery and the mix of bold colors.  Her work has a vintage vibe and Latino feel, which is also why I am so attracted to her work.

Please take a look and escape into this woman’s world!  She is truly inspiring and her work, even more so…

ERMINDA-ok Spring-01  SelvaMural1

From Lucila-

When I first started drawing, drawing was my passport to nature. Studying nature and its forms, I was discovering my own world. I graduated from a fine arts high school and college (IUNA) here in Buenos Aires. I also worked in set design for film, that’s where my murals and paintings first appeared. 

I didn’t know back then that I was going to end up painting huge walls, climb ladders and scaffolding … but when it happened, I fell in love immediately. Having to use your whole body to paint is an indescribable feeling. At times I feel like a dancer, other times, a tightrope walker… Working at such a huge scale allows me to create climates and spaces that feel real, places one could inhabit. I am interested in the fine line between reality and unreality, fiction, surrealism. I use realism as a door to enter other dimensions and enjoy playing with these blurred boundaries.

Nature was always my main source of inspiration. For quite some time, I have been specializing in botany, increasingly putting the focus on plants. Their shapes and colors convey so much life, I see in them very powerful beings, with thousands of healing and transformative properties, and also as the possessors of a truly captivating beauty … I see my art on the same path, seeking to transform and beautify the world.

ILatina-01 ILatina-02 ILatina-03 Moscow-Cafe Moscow-Detail  Soria_Mural_02 Soria_Mural Soria_wip

Be sure to check out Lucila on Instagram and Facebook!

The Sisters


February 21, 2016

We first found The Beach Lodge on Instagram and had to follow right away. We love how Tiffany transformed this dark and drab cottage to a bright and happy vacation rental, including a well curated selection of our favorite design elements. It’s hard not to fall in love with all of the details Tiffany covered!  The Beach Lodge has been featured on The Venue Report and Front + Main, making it’s presence well known and a highly coveted vacation rental in Hollywood Beach! We are already dreaming of when we can post up in this beautiful home for the weekend this summer!

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Follow the Beach Lodge here or book a stay here.

The Sisters


February 12, 2016


I first met Jai a few years ago in Byron Bay, Australia for a mutual friend’s birthday bash. We spent a few days together celebrating our friend and over that time, I instantly fell for Jai’s amazing energy. Not only is he so sweet and refreshingly genuine, he’s so much fun to hang out with. The man knows how to have a good time and he’s a great conversationalist. I visited his shop, Ahoy Trader in Byron Bay, and wanted to buy everything. He’s an incredible artist and visionary and has fabulous style.

I am most attracted to his incredible tile installations and daydream about commissioning him to do a project for us one day. His carefree spirit really comes through in his art and I love the way he uses color and imagery to bring his pieces to life. I especially love the way he interprets the female spirit. He has such a beautiful vision of what a true goddess looks like.

20130321_MissMarg_5681 AHOY4 AHOY5 jaimarywithout

From his site, Ahoy Trader— “Jai’s Colourful Crosses And Wall Tiles Have Become Highly Sought After, With An Eclectic And Expressive Character That Allows Them To Be Displayed In Groups Or Used As Stand Alone Decor Pieces.  Nowhere Is His Signature Style More Apparent Then In His Stunning Large Tiled Wall Murals, They Dominate Any Space And Can Be Custom Made To Suit The Client’s Personality And Decor. Many Of Australia’s Most Stylish Home Decorators And Savvy Interior Designers Commissioning Him To Create One Of A Kind Artworks Making For A High Impact Focal Point In Any Room.

As Well As Selling Into Leading Stores Nationally And Online, Jai Has Created His Own Little World In His Popular Byron Bay Store Ahoy Trader, Where You Can Find A Bowerbird’s Collection Of His Work Alongside Homewares And Fashions From Other Local And Australian Designers Who Share A Similar Aesthetic.”

Favorite bits: the Malachi painting, the tile installation at Miss Margarita, his shop Ahoy Trader, his decorated crosses and his pillows.