Q. Where did you grow up? We grew up in Carlsbad, California. It’s a small beach town north of San Diego.

Q. How do you work together if one of you lives in California and the other in Bali? (Elaina) I think when things are meant to be they work out no matter what. It’s hard to say how we make it work but we do. It’s not easy being so far apart as we have great synergy when we’re together but for now as we’re in different locales we make it a point to support each other as best we can. We have weekly Skype meetings. We email and text daily. We’re grateful for Pinterest where we can share our ideas on a project. We usually do our own brainstorming on a new project and then come together to share our ideas and create a concept for the client. Depending on whether the project is in California or in Bali we execute it accordingly and we have each other’s back. This is the most comforting thing for me, knowing that Susanna is there for me. We compliment each other really well, we both have our own strengths and skills so where one is not so strong the other is. It works, we’re lucky. And it’s the perfect cause to travel, travel, travel. We have too!

Q. How old is your company/ how did you get started? (Elaina) Our company will be 7 years old this year but we’ve both been in the industry for a long time. It started late one night many years ago, we were sitting on this amazing patio overlooking the ocean talking about how we both wanted to start our own thing. I was thinking of moving to Bali and Susanna was ready to be her own boss. That was it! We looked at each other and laughed as we shared this same goal. Why not? Let’s try it. I would be heading to an exotic place full of amazing and beautiful treasures that we could share with people and Susanna has the savviness to pull it together State side and get us up and running. The stars were aligned that night.

Q. Do you sisters always get along? (Susanna) Yes! Most of the time, yes! Every once in awhile we will butt heads, disagree on a shade of color or dimension, but for the most part we get along. When we disagree we usually meet in the middle or compromise and we move on quickly, there isn’t enough time to not get along.

Q. Do you have children? Elaina has two small boys, both were born in Bali. Susanna has a child with four legs and no hearing!

Q. What do you dislike about traveling? (Susanna) Having to pack, missing flights, long customs lines and jet lag!

Q. Is your job always so glamorous? (Susanna) No! Not always, there is a lot of shlepping around, long days and frustration when looking for just the right piece and you can’t find it. Working within budgets isn’t glamorous, or dealing with language barriers and building codes. Permits aren’t fun, neither are late nights, but seeing a space when all is said and done makes it all worth it! We love what we do. (Elaina) Far from it, I work in the heat, sourcing things from dark and dirty warehouses, speaking a foreign language and dealing with issues that would never come up in the States. It’s exhausting, frustrating and at the same time so fulfilling and adventurous.

Q. What is your favorite country and why? (Susanna) My two favorite places on this earth is Turkey and New Zealand, mainly because of their land and beauty. If you don’t believe in a higher power, visit one of those two places and you will. (Elaina) I agree on Turkey, I would add Indonesia for me as it’s where I live and have grown to love so much.