Featured Artist : Marissa Quinn

April 12, 2016

tumblr_nwynrtkvKi1r6briso1_1280 I first met Marissa Quinn when she would help me at the local Anthropologie store where we often shop for accessories when needed for client installs.  She was a shop girl at the time and dressed to the nines in adorable Anthro inspired outfits.  It wasn’t until she suggested that I take a look at her artwork that I discovered she was an amazing artist.

I went home that afternoon and took a quick look, not quite ready to be blown away.  In fact, I wasn’t expecting what I saw, at all.  I saw the most passionate and expressive drawings ever.  Her pen and ink drawings are so detailed and nature inspired, that you can’t help but be blown away.

Bison+Detail+1_JCA2522 tumblr_nehscd8kS71r6briso1_500 IMG_1340
tumblr_nuurrgx3cN1r6briso1_1280  tumblr_nxqe7d65ol1r6briso1_1280

Her current fascination delves in illustrating biomimcry, which is the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems. Driven to this topic through a deep love of the environment, Quinn’s delicate pen-work guides the viewer through a journey of nature’s paradox of growth through decay. She enjoys research, and is currently looking to work alongside marine biologists in the San Diego area in order to learn more about oceanic endangered species. In all her work there is consistent mysticism, which serves to connect her work to contemporary times through symbolic interpretations of current biospheric degradation.

She has since left Anthropologie, and is now a full-time artist pursuing her dreams and collaborating with some other amazing creatives.  This is someone to keep your eye on and if you are lucky enough, possibly own one of her pieces.

We would like to introduce you to Marissa Quinn.  A San Diego/LA based artist, with a free spirit vibe and sun-kissed hair.  Please enjoy her images.  You can shop them here, or for daily inspiration check her out on Instagram!

The Sisters

Travel Diaries : Follow The Sisters In Paris

April 4, 2016


Us sisters are meeting up in Paris with our mother for a mom and daughter trip!  We will both be flying in from Cali and Bali and couldn’t be more excited to reconnect and get inspired!  We haven’t seen each other for over 6 months and are way over-due for a face to face.  We work daily on projects via skype and email, however this adventure will be a trip for us to not only re-group but to explore and get inspired.  We are calling it a R&D trip!  Research and Development.  A lot is happening over at 4CORNERS and this trip will be one ingredient to some fabulous creations we cannot wait to share with you.

Follow along this next week on Instagram as we eat, explore and hunt our way through the fabulous streets of Paris!

Love, The Sisters

Latest Creation : A Kool Kid’s Bath!

March 29, 2016

We had a blast designing this kids bath!  I mean, how sweet is this space?  The client asked for something that would work for the kids now and continue to grow as the kids grow, in terms of style.

kidsbath (6 of 5) kidsbath (5 of 5) kidsbath (4 of 5) kidsbath (3 of 5)

This was a no brainer for us!  Let’s start with the walls and paint them a soft grey.  This is a gender neutral color and is also youthful and sophisticated.  We also felt strongly about adding a tiled wainscoting on the wall.  Again, like the paint color, the idea of a wainscot is both youthful being practical for children as well as a timeless and classic wall detail that has been adorning walls since the beginning of time.

We decided upon using a classic white subway tile and the added beveled detail makes it a bit more mature in nature.  We decided to off play the maturity of the beveled tile and install a trough sink that resembles the old school sinks we all used in our outdated elementary school.  The faucets are our favorite part!  How cool are these faucets ?

302-15579 Canton Ridge Terrace San Diego

The kids now are quite tiny and reaching this large sink was going to be a problem.  As we custom designed this vanity we took their little bodies into consideration.  We started by shrinking the depth of the vanity in the center where the sink lies.  This allows them to reach the water.  We decided to keep the sides of the sink at standard depth to allow for counter space.  This also makes the vanity feel custom.  Which is always a good look.  The next best part about this design is the built in pull out stools.  These stools sit tight inside the vanity similar to drawers, however when you pull these guys out they are stools that the kids can stand on only when needed.  These stools can then be turned upside-down later on and act as storage drawers.  And having pivoting mirrors is a great way to accommodate for tall and small users!

Overall we think we created a kid tested, adult approved bathroom that will stand the trials of time and style!  A splash of contemporary and classic meets sweet and youthful.  What’s not to love about this bathroom?  We hope you love it as much as we loved creating it.

The Sisters

Our Picks: Planters Under $100

March 28, 2016

Now that spring is here and the time change has us outside, we decided to share with you our top 5 planters!  And yes!  They are all under $100…Now that’s something to celebrate.

planters under 100

Athropologie :  Metallic Crackle Herb Pot  $14.00 – $68.99

Wayfair : Latitudes Oval Pot Planter  $35.99

CB2 : Isla Planters $79.95

Crate & Barrel : Slant Planters  $59.95 – &79.95

Crate & Barrel : Dundee Floor Planters  $69.95 – $79.95

The Sisters

A Day At The Flea Market

March 24, 2016

I spy with my little eye . . . This is what it’s like when we spend the day at the Flea Market.  We are huge fans of the famous Long Beach Flea Market and we decided to share  with you, a day with us looking for the perfect find!

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset
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Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset

The Sisters

A Day with Actress & Singer Daniella Monet

March 22, 2016

DaniellaMonetSWENYO-49We were thrilled when the team over at Swenyo  asked us to help style the television’s star Daniella Monet’s bedroom and office in her newly purchased LA home.  This was a marketing collaboration between Danielle and Swenyo, and they both knew they would want and need the touch of a professional designer to help assist with the over all look and vibe.

We were honored when they reach out to us.  It was a no brainer.  A day spent with a down to earth talent with incredible taste, a production team such as Swenyo, and the talented photographer Kim Marcelo is a day well spent to us!

We blended the furnishings that Swenyo provided along with a few other accessories we sourced to created a minimal, fresh and youthful bedroom + office for the actress.

Take a look!!


DaniellaMonetSWENYO-24 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-26


DaniellaMonetSWENYO-16 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-18 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-37 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-81 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-40 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-41 DaniellaMonetSWENYO-42


Daniellamonetxx. Daniellamonetx, Daniellamonetshel dmdesklevel dmentry dmsusannase dmworkstation

This collab was too much fun and we hope you enjoyed the before and after transformation!!

To see the actress herself express the love of her new space and see how the boyfriend reacted when he came home, watch this!

The Sisters

Color Trend : Emerald Green

March 17, 2016


With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, we are seeing green!  Green has really started to be a top contender for accessorizing with color around the home.  Whether it’s with plants, pillows, or pieces of furniture, the color green is always sure to be a beautiful and bold statement piece.  Jewel tones have been hot for the last few years and we are so stoked that this trend isn’t going anywhere.  It’s been fun to see how this color is starting to make its way into bathrooms and kitchens, and looks especially fab with metallic accents.

Here’s a bit of emerald green love + inspiration for you:

4a59c60199a3f2e4554d0ddada37cee1 4a381b80c7c39f1ccdbd31dce3c23ae3 4f05d975b4ea5e34ae041cb21e9f1ce3   71ce9482396264bbd37bea23c3092c79 4bd2a1e50a8f778d007df9f9b9b4f67c   91b7a50f9f6fe3b1c795fb6aeb765da3 426423a60e89382d374b7007ee28e22c  ccdc71fc7959e45edb46e898214034a2  d73a11ef8c9c05aa6713fec081d0412e f0f625bae4f46b3d981c3a5ef4ef662a

How do you incorporate this saturated color into your home?

Love, The Sisters

Spaces We’re Loving : Maria Eugenia of Sea + Wander

March 13, 2016


We met Maria a few years back via a mutual friend, and both of us sisters have been close to her ever since.  This woman is someone to keep your eye on, folks!  She is the owner of the online shop for everything fabulous related to women and children, Sea + Wander. With a brick and mortar opening soon!  Please keep a look out for this local shop ladies, where we’re sure you will find us visiting on a regular basis.

She is a North County mama who is living the dream.  Originally from Argentina and after many years spent in NY she has now found herself in the coastal hometown of us Sisters, Carlsbad.

Maria’s taste is a cross of boho chic with modern flares.  She pays tribute to a few era’s (mid century and the rock roll days of the 70’s) and blends them so well in such a calming way. Maybe it’s the all white walls and sheep skins that create this calm vibe, but we would like to think it’s her warm heart and loving spirit that makes you want to crawl up on her day bed/sofa and listen to records all day.

Welcome to Maria’s home:


We are honored to show you a glimpse of Maria’s home and we hope you think it’s as beautiful as we do.

The Sisters


March 8, 2016


Clearly our love of Blush hasn’t faded! It just feels right, paired with white or black you really can’t go wrong. We love this huge statement centerpiece using greenery from your backyard. Earthly textiles and buttery leather with a dark statement wall? Yes please, and a nice break from “all white errythang” too. This staircase + that brick wall = chic, rustic, and modern. These tiles are giving us major heart eyes. We’d take a whole shelf of these ceramic beauties, and bonus is that they’d look amazing on an open shelf in the kitchen! Last, this cactus would look fabulous in an entry way.

Happy pinning, friends!

The Sisters